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“You don’t know how to use it”: an American writer wanted to denounce the alleged failure of an electric kettle on TikTok and triggered a wave of concise comments

Nikki mustaki, a freelance author and writer living between Miami Beach and New York City, USA, bought a new electric kettle, but was surprised when it overflowed just as it hit boiling point. He decided to share a video on his account TIC Tac claiming that the device had a flaw and caused a viral result when netizens made him see his mistake. The most horrified were the British who laughed at his attempt to make the tea, by boiling the leaves directly in the kettle with water.

Moustaki’s intention was to show that the device had a “major flaw”, and he illustrated this with the moment when the tea is expelled from the spout, asking other users: “Why do this?”. However, supporters, especially the British, were shocked by TIC Tac and they commented that it was his fault because he was boiling in the kettle with the infuser causing the tea to spill all over the place.

He then posted a series of videos that record his attempts to brew tea properly, but he horrified people even more by using tea bags straight from the kettle and hot coconut milk, which he first took. poured into the cup. “I hope I don’t create an international incident with what I’m doingsaid Moustaki.

Nikki Moustaki, a writer living in Miami Beach, USA, bought a new electric kettle but was surprised when it overflowed when it hit boiling point and turned to TikTok to share the “default”.

The reactions

With the first video, Moustakis got a lot of views and comments, which multiplied in his subsequent posts. A TikTok user named Gabrielle reported her issue and wrote: “First boil the water then put the tea with the diffuser”. Another joked, “Americans have a kettle and that’s what they do”, while another wrote, “I can notice the MAJOR FAULT: you don’t know how to use it”.

The only way to make tea has sparked heated debate in the comments section, with people getting involved in teaching you how to brew. However, a user named Queenie wrote: “Nothing unites the English more than an American without knowing how to use a kettle”.

In a follow-up video of TIC TacNikki shared an update to assure her fans that she figured out how to use the kettle, removing the tea infuser, which was much worse in the eyes of internet users. In the caption he wrote: “Okay now it works”, after admitting that the “flaw” was actually his. Then he prepared a “perfect british tea”Using diffuser bags.

Nikki Moustaki shared a second video and it only made matters worse. The reactions to his way of brewing milk tea were pithy

Nikki indicated that, following her logic, if you use one sachet per cup, you only have one serving of tea, so she decided to use several sachets at the same time to get “a large amount of tea with which I can fill four cups. No sense ?”.

After boiling the kettle, he brewed the tea bag, but reviewers voiced their criticism. Have you ever read the instructions on a packet of tea? asked a commentator ”. Another added: “Show me you’re American without telling me”.

Nikki Moustakis’s posts quickly went viral, and each post contains hundreds of comments that mix a bit of mockery and humor about the way she used the electrical appliance.

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