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With lessons learned from 2021, here’s what to expect for the year ahead – Marin Independent Journal

The last two years have followed a plot reminiscent of Bill Murray’s film “Groundhog Day”.

Every morning we wake up hoping we can move on, but as the drowsiness of our slumber wears off, we realize the pandemic is continuing, cable news and TikTok remain the most trusted sources of news. of America, and CVS is always throwing 3ft receipts to its “Esteemed Customers.

Like Murray’s character, some of our commendable neighbors have taken advantage of this monotonous time to try something new or improve. Peloton workout machines sold in the millions as people focused on improving their fitness. Pet adoption skyrocketed as people added furry companions to their pods for social distancing, as required by the COVID-19 pandemic. Alcohol sales soared as people rewarded themselves for training so hard and eased nagging worries that maybe they didn’t need that 50-pound ‘boxerdoodle’.

As the New Year approaches, we can find strength in knowing that 2022 will not be a repeat of the past two years. Here are some of the changes not to miss in our near future.

• We can flush the toilet again without guilt. Whoever invented the dry song “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” didn’t know the meaning of the word mellow or owned the patent for scented candles.

• The cost of housing will drop. Of course, that’s only true if you’re part of the recently reported exodus from county and state for lower-cost and tax locations (or if you start charging your kids – or boxerdoodle – rent ).

• Gavin Newsom will be running for governor. Of course, it looks like he just ran for governor. But political pundits agree that his 2021 encore performance was more of a tap dance than a race and, in any event, was actually an early fundraiser for his 2024 presidential bid.

• The outdoor dining war will escalate. The tables on the sidewalks and in the streets of Marin have been a boon for restaurateurs. They are savored by the restaurant public. It must be recognized that this hosting is a valuable gift and a competitive advantage for these companies. This is clearly hurting other retailers due to reduced parking and crowded sidewalks. Hopefully this will be resolved not through the lenses of racial justice or climate change, but on how good their avocado toast is.

• Public schools will be open for in-person learning. The educational losses from the pandemic shutdowns were simply too damaging to be repeated. Apparently our children need to be taught to be green, easily offended, secular savvy. What better place to learn this than a chemistry lab and a gym class? As a bonus, some children will also encounter reading, writing and arithmetic.

• Kamala Harris will head for the border. The vice president’s efforts to address the immigration crisis have been as impactful as Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food. If Harris wants to position herself for a presidential “enchilada” race in 2024, she will focus on immigration solutions as narrowly as a tortilla on a burrito grande. It will first have to stabilize its staff, which has a higher turnover than most fast food restaurants.

• Smash-and-grab crime will drop. Not here, of course, but someone somewhere will realize that allowing parked cars and retail stores to be piggy banks for scoundrels is bad public policy driven by “big glass.”

• We will enjoy a full year of inflation. While the consumer price index was subdued for more than a decade until April 2021, we can expect a blistering 12-month inflation in 2022. If 1970s-style price increases are in classes, can leisure suits and pet stones be far behind?

• We don’t have to worry about COVID-19 boosters anymore. We’ll call them annual flu shots instead. Better yet, if we call them tequila shots, maybe vaccination rates will go up.

Each year brings its own surprises, challenges and delights. In that regard, 2022 will be no different after all. Good year.

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