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Where to watch and read the latest girls’ tour

The Girls’ Last Tour tells the story of Yuuri and Chito, two young companions traveling in a post-apocalyptic universe. Written by pseudonymous author Tsukumizu, the story begins as the two girls emerge from a sprawling factory, describing their daily struggles to find food and fuel for their Kettenkrad motor-tractor and ending up exploring their strange, landscape. disturbing. Yuuri and Chito soon encounter other travellers, survivors, and a strange creature they adopt and name Neku, as the peculiar shape of the ambient catastrophe surrounding them slowly becomes clearer.

Receive the 2018 Crunchyroll award for “Best Slice of Life Anime” The Girls’ Last Tour represents a particular vision of the popular genre. The ever-present sense of danger and foreboding created by the show’s art direction – in contrast to Yuuri and Chito’s busy but nonchalant mood – puts an unusual but still captivating twist on the “healing” qualities attributed to older installments. light. animates life. At the same time, its themes of perseverance, friendship and desolation offer genuine reflection and adventure.

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The plot of the last girl’s tour

Although the plot of the series is generally unstructured, leaving room for chance encounters and time for silent reflection, the relationships and interactions presented in The Girls’ Last Tour take up a lot of the action. As they struggle to keep the Kettenkrad running and continue to explore, they become more involved with the strange settings revealed each day. Chito is an avid reader and mechanically gifted while Yuuri is a marksman, but somewhat bossy and intermittently aggressive. Despite their camaraderie and mutual dependence in this uncertain world, Yuuri and Chito’s contrasting personalities will create new conflicts.

Alternately described as slice of life, science fiction, post-apocalyptic and seinen, The Girls’ Last TourThe dark settings and subject matter, austere and haunting art, winding plot and light tone make it hard to categorize. However, the story remains remarkably accessible in both its 2014 manga and its 2017 anime adaptation. To date, neither a sequel to the manga nor a second season have been announced, although the series has received positive reviews and has enjoyed modest popularity since its release.

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Where To Read The Last Girls Tour Manga

Released in February 2014, the The Girls’ Last Tour the manga was first published in the online outlet Kurage Group from the publisher Shinchosa. From November 2014 to March 2018, the manga spanned 47 chapters across six volumes. The Yen Press English version debuted in May 2017, although neither anthology is currently available in English.

Currently, standard volumes of the manga are available for purchase through Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Google Play. Physical copies are available on Amazon, as well as through local retailers.

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Where to Watch the Last Girls Tour Anime

Announced by Kadokawa in 2017 at the annual Anime Expo, the anime adaptation of The Girls’ Last Tour was directed by Takaharu Ozaki (known for the infamous Goblin Slayer) and created by the animation studio White Fox (Steins;Door, Re: zeroand Jormungand).

In an unusual move, Chito and Yuuri’s voice actors – Inori Minase and Yuriko Kubo – perform the series’ main musical themes. The anime’s initial run began in October 2017 on the AT-X channel, with new rerun and streaming licenses acquired by Sentai Filmworks and Anime Strike. The Girls’ Last Tour is currently available to stream on Prime Video and streaming service HIDIVE. Physical copies of the Blu-ray are also available through RightStufAnime and Amazon.

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