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What students say about hometown pride, pandemic dreams and a mysterious photo

Green Bay is huge on football and cheese. I love the culture there, and the people. Everyone there are great people, and we all love the same things, and end up creating a great community in the city. I miss my hometown and get excited every time I visit.

Andrew, Hoggard High School, Wilmington, North Carolina

As a person who grew up in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, I am extremely proud of where I am from. From its rich history to its delicious cheesesteak, there is a lot to be proud of. What I love most about Philadelphia is its American history. It is known to be one of the original thirteen settlements; and where the declaration of independence was written and signed. All of these facts make me understand the importance of Philadelphia and how special it is to American history.

Yang, JR Masterman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For me, I am proud of where I come from and my country of origin, I am proud to be Filipino. To others, when they think of the Philippines, the words poor or rubbish. But for me, I think of home, a country that has a place in my heart. Besides the cons of the Philippines, there is actually so much beauty there. Nature and wildlife such as white sandy beaches, verdant jungles and forests, islands and beautiful waterfalls. Not to mention the delicious food, treats, and snacks they have to offer. Some of my favorites are the sisig pork, sinigang shrimp, halo halo, taho, puto, piattos, canton, sampalok, pastillas and yema. The growing mangoes are no laughing matter either. The fun activities you can do there like roaming the islands, swimming with whale sharks and canyoning, etc. And if you visit at the right time, you can even attend and experience the sinulog, a type of parade they have in the Philippines. The vibrant colors of the costumes, the smiles, the music, the ambiance are just addicting; we can not help but have fun …

Ella, King Kekaulike High School

I am from Chicago and yes I am proud of where I am from. I am proud of my city. We’re known to have better pizza than NYC, blues music, hot dogs, Michael Jordan, and hate Aaron Rodgers. We celebrate all types of cultures and welcome everyone. We’re famous for 2016 World Series winner Michael Jordan, Abe Lincoln, and more. PIZZA is deep pizza.

Jacques, Chicago

My hometown of Miami Beach is infamous for what we would call in Spanish “pachanga”. It’s hard to translate directly into English, but it pretty much lines up with a carefree spirit that always party. We are a city known for its pristine beaches, which attract a good portion of visitors all year round. We’re a city where tourism is considered our lifeline, with chic condominiums lining the shores of the Atlantic along South Beach. We are a city where our most pressing political issues are whether or not to ban the sale of alcohol at 2 a.m. Perhaps most notably, we are the city that makes national headlines once a year in the same week in a grueling cycle: spring break. Every spring break, this reputation draws adults to our nightclubs, beaches and streets where cases of violence occur every year. They see Miami Beach as a city like no other, a city where the mindset is not about law, order and productivity, but rather one of relaxation and a frightening sense of anarchy. This is not the Miami Beach that I see. I see a Miami Beach where our constituents are tired and alarmed by the South Beach parties and the resulting chaos. It’s no wonder our recent referendum on a 2 a.m. alcohol ban passed – our people are hard-working Americans who want safe communities, despite what far too many consider. like our city. While I love my city and wouldn’t trade its beauty for other amenities in other cities, it’s time to take our city seriously.

Zakaria, Miami Country Day School

The Texas Rose Festival seems really fun to me. It’s a time when everyone comes together and celebrates, celebrates and has fun. I think it’s very unique and quite related to our lavender farm in Kula, Maui. Our Lavender Farm looks like the Fête de la Rose but with lavender. You can get lavender scones, lavender oils, lavender drinks and lavender in general …

Lilinoe, Maui, Hawaii

I am proud of where I come from. I think it’s very important to be proud of where you come from. My neighborhood isn’t really known for anything, but it’s a very friendly place with a good environment. There are a lot of friendly faces and everyone knows each other. In my neighborhood, you can stop at the cafe for a cup of coffee, go grocery shopping, or hang out with friends at the park. If I could pick something that my neighborhood should be known for, I think it would be our friendliness. My neighborhood is also very open to different people, cultures, etc.

Layla, JR Masterman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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