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What issues are driving Greenville voters to the polls?

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Caroline) – Voters have in mind the state education superintendent’s run to the polls in the 2022 primaries.

When we asked voters what issues motivated them, this was what kept coming up.

Turnout was slow at the Augusta Road Baptist Church location in Greenville. Tim Pouyer showed up this morning with a few different issues in mind.

“The gas prices, the economy, just the way the country is run,” Pouyer said.

That, along with the race for superintendent and Congress. Frances Hartley says she is concerned about what is being taught in schools.

“I would like them to be really protective of our kids, not promote things that aren’t age-appropriate,” Hartley said, “and just teach them how to read and write and count. And that they are young.

Pouyer said his children once had to go through the education system with dyslexia. He seeks better help for students with learning disabilities. And he has high expectations for the next superintendent.

“Transparency; be upfront,” Poyer said, “Tell us exactly what you teach our kids. And I think there are issues that are best left out of the school system.

Smith says the turnout was a disappointment.

“I was very surprised to be the only one there when I walked in. Of course a few more have arrived since then, but I expected there to be more queues of waiting here,” Smith said.

“It makes me feel like people think the system isn’t working,” Pouyer said.

Nonetheless, whoever electors are appointed to the education office, they uphold their standards.

“Be transparent about what you’re actually trying to tell our kids at school so that we as parents decide whether it’s right for us or not,” Pouyer said.

Margarita W. Wilson

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