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Livestream-driven market launches APP ‘Shopstream360 ‘ in Singapore after a successful launch in Hong Kong. Brands and designers can engage consumers via interactive live broadcasts that are connected to a “a click”Shopping experience.

On track for global deployment, Singapore is the second city in the company’s aggressive expansion plan. Shopstream makes it easy for creators to monetize their influence by creating their personalized storefront with featured products in official stores where consumers can shop instantly.

“We had an amazing launch in Hong Kong where our audience has gone from nothing to thousands overnight and merchandise sales are getting faster and faster.” Jane Dee, Vice President of Partnerships, Hong Kong.

Shopstream is a live streaming focused technology company that offers a unique live shopping experience. Designed for small and established businesses that serve both local and global consumers, the company has designed a seamless integration of live streaming, user interaction and CRM e-commerce functionality.

Shopstream believes that consumers want to live better and buy better quality products. “The Marketplace offers high quality masterclasses, entertainment and shopping in one destination app.” Joe Cheung, Technical Director.

Brands can use the platform to set up their Shopstream online stores, manage live streaming, and engage with audiences. Service providers can also adopt the “Pay to see”To share expert content or entertainment. Official Ambassador of the Shopstream brand in Singapore Dawn sim, expert in fitness and well-being joins the market.

“Over the past 20 years, teaching has been my passion and seeing transformational change in students and friends. I am excited about the new opportunities that Shopstream offers to make my business and my content more accessible to local and global audiences. . It can really transform the way we teach, share content and grow our business ”- Dawn sim


As part of the launch activity, Shopstream organizes themed events throughout November specially tailored to the Singapore market and the food segment is naturally an important part.

The “Love the kitchen ” segment is the pilot live cooking show that features local celebrity chefs Derek Cheong and Sandra Lim cook with local and organic ingredients with products from Mingle Seasoning, Just Produce, Urban Origins and as well as other top brands including the TOTT lifestyle appliance brand.

11e November or Singles Day is named “Day off”Dedicated to a resort life experience filmed live from Sentosa Sofitel’s private Villa Au Jardin with high-end swimwear brand La Pêche Swimwear, Cia Maritima, Yumi Active from Singapore and exclusive Korean skin care brand. SooSul skin featured by top influencers Dawn Sim, Sheena Phua, Joanna Lim and Noel Lin.

Brand Ambassador Dawn Sim will also broadcast an exclusive poolside yoga session on the 12th.e November.


Shopstream adopts a careful onboarding process for brands and influencers with an emphasis on sustainability and quality products.

“We are taking a much stronger push towards a lifestyle that is pro-climate and pro-health. Products and ideas that help us eat less meat, reduce the use of plastic and reduce energy consumption. We speak with our portfolios supporting any business that has this goal. We want to help our consumers make better choices by organizing brands in a destination market. “- Ivy Long, Vice President of Singapore Partnership

Singaporeans keen to support local brands can shop for homemade Nyonya cookies at Pandan Street Bakery, shop for unique crystals from Gemstory, watch a live interview with gluten-free ice cream brand Kind Kones as well as support local art with a live visit to Art Porters gallery plus online store for exclusive works of art. Shopstream also has a section dedicated to kids and parenting needs with independent book and toy store The Toy Folks and BAKOBA whose Imagimal series is great for young toddlers.

” On the spot”Are programs sponsored by Shopstream to present the best restaurants and bars with the best food critics and professionals in the industry.


Shopstream offers several improvements on the application of its creators ShopstreamPro. First, Shopstream allows selected influencers to configure their personalized storefront in a feature called “The creator’s flagship”Where fans can immediately click and buy recommended products with just one click. A unique pairing feature named ‘MakeMatch”Also allows influencers to add products from any brand in the market to showcase on their store, thus enabling concepts such as“ Buy the Look ”. Finally, creators can monetize their brand by taking advantage of an automated sales commission system on all cross-promoted items.


One of Shopstream’s key pillars is using live streaming to help inspire better business strategies and showcase solutions that bring positive climate change as well as help NGOs raise awareness of their causes. The company has featured NGOs like Help For Children and International Care Ministries and aims to do more and new formats in Singapore.


The Shopstream360 app can be downloaded for free from Apple Store and Google Play Store. Shopstream has Tokyo the next on its launch at the end of 2021.

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