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Washington Elementary School Adds Unique Element to Summer School Curriculum | WFRV Local 5

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – School administrators say a new curriculum at Washington Elementary School in Oshkosh is like your typical summer school, but with one important difference.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students in the program, called the Summer Climb Program, get to work with Washington elementary teachers they’ve worked with throughout the school year.

“From day one of the program, they (the teachers) knew exactly what each student’s individual goals were and what teaching opportunities would advance those goals,” says Krisi Levy, principal of Washington Elementary School. “Without the dedication of our staff, their willingness and enthusiasm to stay here with their students in the summer, Summer Climb would not be possible.”

Summer Climb program staff include intervention math and literacy teachers and a special education teacher.

The program helps children maintain their math, reading and writing skills at a time in their lives when research shows this type of learning to be most effective.

Through a partnership with Oshkosh Area United Way, all students enrolled in the program receive a full scholarship to participate.

“It’s really about early intervention and how to reach our students earlier when they are developing these foundational skills,” says Levy.

Levy says Summer Climb is helping make up for lost in-person learning time resulting from the pandemic, which is a feature of the program that parents say they enjoy.

“We had been doing virtual learning over the past year, so when we had the opportunity to bring him (his son who is in the program) back to an in-person learning space, it would be a great way to bring it back. moving from learning in the living room to learning in person with real teachers face to face and real socializing with teachers as well, ”says parent Libby Robarge.

Students in the Summer Climb program not only work on their math, reading and writing skills, they also learn social and behavioral skills.

“I think what has impressed us so far is the stamina and maturity level of the kids,” says Bailey Zeinert-Coe, kindergarten teacher at Washington Elementary School.

The program lasts for seven weeks during the summer.

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