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Todd McFarlane contrasts his Spawn universe with Marvel’s Spider-Verse

For Todd McFarlane, making multiple versions of Spawn a la Spider-Verse isn’t enough – he wants to create an entire interconnected universe.

Spawn creator and Image Comics president Todd McFarlane addressed the concept of a shared Spawn universe, noting that unlike similar media like Into the Spider-Verse, its end goal is not necessarily to create multiple versions of the same character.

“Spawn is the catalyst for all of this,” McFarlane said in an exclusive interview with CBR, answering a question comparing his Spawn myth – which recently blossomed with three new series in the works, King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn and Burns – with Marvel’s Spider-Verse. “It’s the only book I’ve written, so it was an obvious choice to use as a starting point,” McFarlane said.

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McFarlane added that despite the fact that two of the new series, King Spawn and Gunslinger Spawn, were both focused on Hellspawns, he ultimately wanted to avoid oversaturation.

“I keep saying that further and further this impact will be lessened because new characters, who are not Spawn, who are heroes and who have nothing to do with Spawn mythology, to Other than the fact that they share the same map world, will be shown and go their own way and rarely interact with some of the other Spawns, ”McFarlane said.“ I didn’t want to expand the universe to fill it with more Spawns. I wanted to expand the universe to fill it with more characters, some of whom may be related to Spawn, but hopefully the vast majority aren’t, in the long run. “

McFarlane’s strategy of creating an “interconnected multi-character comic book universe” spinning his most famous character was initially announced in February. The president of Image Comics has stated on several occasions that he wants Spawn to join the ranks of other heroes, like Batman and Spider-Man, who have multiple monthly books and a standalone ecosystem of supporting characters who can also play in. their own comics.

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“The simple question is, DC Comics created a shared universe in the late 1930s. Marvel Comics started theirs in the early 1960s… so can lightning strike a third time from 2021? McFarlane asked in February. “Personally, I don’t have the answer to that question yet, but the only way to get that answer answered is to try first. This is a long-planned plan that will require using dozens and dozens of creators to help create hundreds and hundreds of characters. And then to reward those creators if any of their ideas bear fruit outside of the comic book industry. “

McFarlane has tried this formula on several occasions since Spawn’s inception in 1992, including signing spinoffs centered around bounty hunter angel Angela – who has since been brought into the Marvel Universe due to a legal battle with his co-creator, Neil Gaiman – and New York detectives Sam & Twitch.

The latest concerted push to expand the Spawn universe, however, is far bigger than previous efforts and seems to be paying off. King Spawn broke records as the best-selling superhero comics of the past 25 years, and Gunslinger Spawn # 1 broke a similar record with a first run that has already sold 385,000 copies.

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