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The Rititz writer combines his love of history, writing and the time travel novel “Manhattan”.


Fascinated by the concept of time travel, writer Rititz Sherry V. Ostrov takes readers from 17th century Scotland to the new world of Manhattan.

Her latest book is her third, the second in a series that interweaves the multigenerational stories of two young women 300 years apart but linked by certain mysteries.

The new book is called “Mannahatta” and is based on Manhattan’s Native American word for “many hills”.

It continues the story of Hannah and Anna. One is a modern New York woman and the other is an old Scottish woman. The contemporary character of Hannah strives to reveal Anna’s past on a Scottish ship docked in Manhattan to colonial Manhattan.

“Mannahatta” is a sequel to Ostrov’s previous book “Caledonia” published in 2019. Like Caledonia, Mannahatta is written as two parallel stories.

“The old characters are those who live the event. Modern characters discover hidden stories, ”said Ostrov, who tells stories using imaginative reconstructions by many historical novelists. I am.

“’Manhattan’ is the second and final book in this short series,” she said.

First interested in Scottish history, Ostrov used his work to write the name “Caledonia” used by the Roman Empire for Scotland. She learned of Scotland’s desire to create a trading colony in the New World. The colony was located in what is now Panama in Central America.

“The objective was to open a commercial route by land between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In 1698, 1,200 settlers embarked on five ships. In less than a year, 900 died, ”Ostrov said. Said. “The colony failed and the rest of the settlers returned to Scotland. “

It is such a historical context that inspires the imagination of this writer of historical novels. She combines historical facts with fictional characters who may have lived at the time.

A teacher who retired in 2002, Ostrov enjoys learning the old and the new. Unlike many writers who write what they know, Ostrov writes what she has learned and imagined. It is not difficult to immerse yourself in the soul of a woman who lives in another time and in another place.

Originally from Philadelphia, Ostrov has lived in Lancaster County for 49 years, six of them in Lititz. She received a BA from Temple University, followed by an MA in History from Millersville University. She has taught at Price and Burrows Elementary School and Reynolds Middle School in the Lancaster School District for 30 years. She has also taught American history at HACC on the Lancaster campus.

In many ways, his book teaches an educational and fascinating history. She was inspired by writers like Hawaii and The Kovenant author James Michener. Léon Uris, author of Mira 18 and of the Book of Exodus. And Diana Gabaldon, the creator of the popular Outlander series, has grown into an equally popular TV series.

“I really like this study. It’s a treasure hunt with a lot of rewards, ”Ostrov explains. “Like when I discovered an interesting anecdote which corresponds to the scene of the Caledonian sea. I was visiting a historic shipyard in Portsmouth, England. Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. I learned that he had died at sea. Based on his last instructions and the fear of being buried in the sea, his body was wrapped in barrels filled with alcohol and the ship returned to England. It did not work. These are the historical gems that I would like to share with my readers. “

Ostrov also attends her talks at venues such as the Township of Manheim Public Library, Burns & Noble, American Traditions where she lives, Homestead Village, York Jewish Community Center, Messiah Village Book Group, and Carlyle Library Book. Groups who like to share their discoveries with those who do, Lititz Women’s Club, Woodcrest Villa, Highland Presbyterian Church, Lancaster’s Iris Club, Brethren Village Book Club.

His previous book, Caledonia, won the Chanticleer International Award, the Chaucer Division for Historical Novel Pre-1750s, the IndieBrag Medallion Honors and the Indie Diamond Book Award, First Place and Adult Fiction.

His first book is perhaps the closest to his mind. The heroine is not a fictional character. It was her own mother who escaped to Eastern Europe in the 1920s. Her non-fiction “The Lucky One” was released in 2016 and is based on her mother’s memoir.

“My mother gave me a handwritten memoir shortly after I retired, but I sat for almost 30 years before I started writing. The delay was that my mother passed away, worked full time, and she was because she didn’t know how to present the story, ”Ostrov said. “Today, his handwritten memoirs are kept permanently at the Yivo Institute in New York. Yivo is a history museum for the Jews of Eastern Europe. A copy of this book is from the United States Parliamentary Library. And not only at the National Library of Israel, but also at the library. “

Now that Ostrov has published her third book, she is considering her next project.

“The blockade during the pandemic turned out to be the perfect impetus for writing. I finished Manhattan six months earlier. I didn’t mind spending long days nowhere, ”says Ostrov. ..

I can’t wait to marry my high school lover and spend time with my daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. She also wants to travel as soon as she can travel safely. This may take some time.

Sherry V. Ostrov’s book is available on as paperbacks and e-books. Books are free for Kindle Unlimited members. For more information, including excerpts, see below. ..

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The Rititz writer combines his love of history, writing and the time travel novel “Manhattan”.

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