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Author Chuck Clegg

Chuck Clegg stopped by the office the other day with a beaming smile and his normal greeting from ” how are you today ? “ It didn’t take long for me to realize he had something special on his mind. Then he handed me a book and with a glint in his eyes he said: “Hope you like it, read it and let me know what you think.” I didn’t know at the time that he was the author, it didn’t take long for me to congratulate him, and start to hover over him.

What a pleasant surprise to open the new version and see that one of our regular writers had written a book that immediately caught my attention. I knew from the title it would be a good read. The subject was the first thing to catch my attention, and that alone made me wonder what was inside. My Bible experience with the first book of the Bible was a fascinating experience that moved me through the entire book of scriptures and allowed me to go back to the beginning in search of more answers.

Having read the Bible several times over the years, I have never questioned it, but have turned to it several times for advice and direction. I now have this book that I have finished reading and I am still waiting for the answers to the questions that came to my mind at the beginning of the first chapter. With a bit of fiction, mixed with science, law and mainstream Christianity, it is written with the intention of continuing to seek the reader while offering possible senerios that will resolve age-old questions once and for all.

Charlie Morgan had decided that the only place he could find peace was as far from society as possible. A few times a year, he finds this isolation in the high mountains of West Virginia.

With his fishing skills, he searches for an old adversary who is hiding in the dark and cold waters of Smoke Hole Canyon. But on this trip, her loneliness is interrupted when a colleague from her past calls for help. Charlie couldn’t have imagined where this request would take him. For the first time in his life in the service of the law, he must try to find the answers to the questions that science, religion and the law must also answer. In the course of his research, he discovers truths about his own life and his faith.

Genesis II takes its readers into the world of religion, science, and law to answer a question humanity has been asking since science first challenged the teachings of the Bible. Almost a hundred years ago, in a Tennessee courtroom, the question of creation was first challenged by science. But today there is a new player in the creation game, man. In the pages of Genesis II, the law once again tries to find answers to an old question.

Clegg, a renowned columnist, wrote his first adventure novel, Return of the Gunboat in 2012. With his success, he followed with two others, Lincolns Gold and Ghost of the River. In his fourth novel, he seeks answers to a modern day question that dates back to the creation of mankind in the Bible. Taken from today’s headlines, his story seeks the answers through the eyes of its main character, Charlie Morgan, a retired federal prosecutor. Chuck took a bit of inspiration from the Scopes Monkey Trial almost a century ago. Perhaps this time the jury will find answers that have eluded mankind since the days of Genesis, when Adam and Eve left the Walled Garden.

Chuck and his wife Mary have resided in the Ohio Valley for most of their lives. He’s retired and has found writing and retreat to work well together. Considering himself more a storyteller than a writer, he used his computer to merge the two skills by becoming an author. For fifteen years he also wrote a weekly column for his hometown newspaper. His stories are often inspired by his growing life near a slow-flowing stream, deep woods, and dark hollows near his childhood home.

The book can be purchased from Amazon, the Wetzel County Museum on Main Street in New Martinsville, and The Book Store at 161 North Street in New Martinsville. Telephone 304-455-5080

Margarita W. Wilson

The author Margarita W. Wilson