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The Mandalorian Creator Explains How The Star Wars Show Helmet Rules Evolved

Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau explains why Din Djarin won’t remove his helmet despite the rule that didn’t previously exist in Star Wars.

The Mandalorian Executive producer and showrunner Jon Favreau explained how the rules around helmet removal have evolved for the Disney+ series.

In the new book Star Wars: The Art of the Mandalorian (Season 2), Favreau explained how the strict rules that Din Djarin follows and his secrecy, including that they never remove their helmets in front of others, came out on the show. “As I presented the Mandalorian story for the first time [in November 2017] and finding out what I wanted the show to be like, I gave myself the freedom to tell the story I wanted to tell,” Favreau said. “And, to his credit, Dave never said, ‘Oh, you can’t have [Mandalorians not removing their helmets] to be the rule; we have already established that [they can remove their helmets].’ I even played a Mandalorian character [The Clone Wars‘ Pre Vizsla] whose helmet was removed most of the time.”

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As Favreau mentions, The Clone Wars and rebels featured many Mandalorians regularly removing their helmets. Favreau himself even played Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla – and now voices his descendant on The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book, Paz Vizsla. But while the two animated shows explored more Mandalorian history than any other canon source so far, there was still plenty to dig into.

“There were a few things I wanted to explore,” he continued. “One was why we didn’t see a lot of Mandalorians in the original trilogy and the sequels. You see them so much in clone wars, but you don’t see any of them now. The other was, how do you go back to what George did, which was to treat the characters almost like action figures? How to get back to how young children interact with star warscolors, shapes and characters?

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As Mando encountered more and more Mandalorians outside of his zealous secrecy, he learned that not all of them follow the same rules. Din himself even started questioning the rules, as he was kicked out of his cover after revealing that he took his helmet off. Yet the two live-action star wars the shows have mostly kept the iconic helmet.

” Keeping [Mando’s] helmet on all the time,” Favreau said. “It’s not about the face underneath, it’s about the helmet. Same with Boba Fett; you don’t think about what’s under the helmet, you think about that mysterious figure. I wanted to keep the magic of that, or give it back to that, knowing very well that we would become complex later, that there are groups that have evolved, like Bo-Katan’s group, which deal more with politics from the moment . Getting these two to meet and compete was one way to solve that problem.”

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