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The leap of a successful writer in the race for the Senate of the United States

In early 2017, the world was trying to explain what led Donald Trump to win the presidency of the United States. People flocked to the books. At that time, two were at the top of the sales. One was 1984, George Orwell’s dystopia published almost 70 years ago. The other was Hillbilly, a country elegy, the family story of James David Vance, a Yale-trained investor raised in a poor white family in the Appalachian region. The text, now a bestseller, was deemed essential to understanding the anger of the white working class who felt out of place and saw Trump as an opportunity for revenge. The first circulation in June 2016 was 10,000 copies, but the unexpected triumph of the New York businessman catapulted sales a year later to half a million, in addition to another 300,000 electronic and audio downloads. . The story of his life has found in the most unusual presidential election the best marketing campaign.

JD Vance, 36, announced Thursday that he would run for the Republican nomination for Ohio state in the November 2022 midterm election. The author made his political breakthrough at a pipe factory in his hometown, Middletown, a nod to classy work in an industrial region that voted for Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections. The candidate now joins six other contenders seeking to replace Tory Rob Portman, who is stepping down from his seat at the upper house after a decade of criticism of the deeply polarized political climate. Ohio is one of six states seen as a battleground by Republicans, seeking to sever 50-50 ties with Democrats and wrest Senate control from them next year, a vital step towards elections. presidential elections of 2024.

Vance’s life was adapted for film by Oscar-winning actor Ron Howard. The film, released on Netflix, was one of those passing stories that began in the poverty of a town in Ohio, with an absent father and an addicted mother who got married five times. The author was raised by his maternal grandparents, notably his grandmother, a woman from Kentucky with a violent character, but at the same time the only voice of his family that motivated him during his childhood. “Never be like those damn losers who think the dice are stacked against them,” said the matron, referring to those around them in Middletown. “Mom [la abuela] she had two gods: Jesus Christ and the United States of America. I was no different, ”Vance writes in his memoir, which sums up the hard work ethic. Grandma’s advice stuck and the story had a happy ending. Rehabilitation and reunion with the mother and graduation from one of the country’s most renowned law schools.

“I want to stand up for the small businesses that are struggling to hire and become better businesses because government and big business are making it harder for them,” Vance said at the event that kicked off his political life. The launch of his campaign was an open secret. In April, Axes reported that the financier had traveled to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida residence, to seek the advice of the former president and seek his support. He was joined by Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire and founder of PayPal who has supported various conservative causes and other far-right supporters. Vance began his financial career at Mithril, an investment firm founded by Thiel, which has already committed $ 10 million. [unos 8,4 millone de euros] of his fortune to support his parish.

Vance and Trump’s story, however, has taken several turns. Shortly before the 2016 election, Vance showed how little sympathy he had for him on social media. “Trump scares the people I love: immigrants, Muslims, etc. For that, I find it reprehensible. God wants the best of us, ”he wrote in a tweet which he later deleted. In the 2016 presidential election, Vance voted for Evan McMullin, a former CIA agent who rallied support from Republican critics of Trump and independents to ultimately garner 730,000 votes across the country. Four years of Trumpism have profoundly transformed the internal dynamics of the party. The former president won Ohio by eight points in 2016 and 2020, which requires his support for now.

Vance began the campaign with a harsh message against technology, one of the points conservative sectors expect to hear from Republican candidates. “The people of this country cannot speak any more and it is because of Silicon Valley. The more people realize it, on the left or on the right, the more we do to obstruct free speech, ”Vance recently told the ultra-conservative media. Breitbart, founded by Steve Bannon, the controversial former Trump strategist. Vance invested a “significant” amount through his company Narya Capital on Rumble, a Canadian platform of videos which is considered the YouTube of the far right. “At To scold you’re welcome as long as you do a good job and have good ideas, whether you’re far-right or far-left, ”Vance said in the interview.

Vance’s political aspirations came as few surprises. He is a natural candidate. Years ago, his book made him the translator of the lower white class in the United States and a spokesperson for the unrest in the workers’ sectors of the Rust Belt, the so-called Rust Belt, and the Appalachians. Mountains, which stretch from Pennsylvania in the northeast to Georgia and Alabama in the south. “There is no more pessimistic group in America than the white working class. More than half of educated blacks, latinos and whites expect their children to have better economic opportunities than they do. Of working-class whites, only 44% have this expectation, ”Vance wrote in his rural elegy. Thoughts like this made the best-selling financier a CNN contributor, The New York Times and, more commonly, on channels that communicate with the Republican voter such as Fox News. It remains to be seen whether the media exposure and the pulse it has with popular sectors are enough for a political campaign that has not yet taken off.

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