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The DC Comics version of “Stan Lee” was actually two people

Like Marvel, DC Comics had their own character “Stan Lee” who shaped the company into what it is today – and he’s actually two people.

by marvel Stan lee is virtually unrivaled as a comic book creator, but did he have a counterpart in rival DC? “Distinguished Competition,” as Marvel calls the company, is known to be home to pillars of superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more. However, DC was not shaped primarily by one person in the same way that Marvel and Stan Lee were – but that doesn’t mean there were some important figureheads who worked in the business and have it. cast in the publishing center that it is today. In fact, there were two of those people.

From 1961 on, Stan Lee’s comic ideas at the time were unknown. Superheroes without a secret identity treated like celebrities (the Fantastic Four), a gunmaker who saw his mistakes (Iron Man), and a teenage superhero who was the main character rather than the sidekick (Spider- Man). These heroes struggled with so-called “ordinary” issues as often as they fought supervillains – Peter Parker struggled to pay rent, Reed Richards and Susan Storm struggled in their marriage, etc. DC heroes were mostly created by different writers and as such didn’t have a unified creative vision like Marvel’s, so it’s up to two writers / editors to innovate: Julius Schwartz and Gardner Fox.


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Gardner Fox was a longtime editor at DC Comics and oversaw the company’s flagship books, particularly Superman and Batman. It was Fox’s idea to re-equip Batman in the mid-60s and get him away from the Silver Age silliness that defined the character and ultimately the Adam West. Batman TV show. He also pitched the idea of ​​a new superhero team book. The Justice Society first appeared in All-Star Comics # 3 in 1941, including Hourman, Doctor Fate, The Flash, Green Lantern, The Atom, Hawkman and others. The updated group would eventually become the Justice League of America.

Justice League Alex Ross

Julius Schwartz would influence the business in another way – by introducing the concept of legacy characters. In 1956, Schwartz relaunched popular brands like The Flash and Green Lantern, but bestowed the titles on new characters. Barry Allen was a forensic chemist who was struck by lightning and bathed in chemicals that allowed him to run at superhuman speeds; Hal Jordan was a test pilot who encountered an alien member of the Green Lantern Corps and obtained a ring, empowering himself as a Green Lantern. The reinvention of two of DC’s main heroes as sci-fi icons brought the Sparkle and The Green Lantern brands are regaining their popularity.

Overall, while Stan Lee’s ideas on the page were entirely new and imminently noticeable, Gardner Fox and Julius Schwartz had an equally profound impact. Neither man will be remembered for their characters or their individual plots. But with their work behind the scenes, they’re just as influential for DC as Stan lee was at Marvel Comics.

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