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The Bookseller – Rights – HarperCollins learns about Shetty’s latest work on building and deepening relationships

HarperCollins has picked up Jay Shetty’s latest work on building and deepening relationships.

Oliver Malcolm, executive publisher, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, for 8 rules of love from Anna Carmichael to Abner Stein on behalf of Jim Levine to Levine Greenberg Rostan. It will be released on January 31, 2023.

Shetty’s beginnings Think like a monk (Thorsons) was a New York Times and Sunday time number one bestseller and translated into 47 languages. It also won Audiobook of the Year at the 2020 British Book Awards.

His new book, 8 rules of love, is described as “an intentional and focused guide to developing and deepening your relationships.” The editor said: “Sharing ideas on how to win or lose together, how to define love and why you don’t break up a breakup, Jay Shetty shows readers that they can love themselves better, love their partner and the world than they ever thought possible.

A sin Think like a monkShetty draws on his time as a monk in the Vedic tradition, as well as his specific coaching practice and modern social sciences, to provide deep insight into the universal condition of loving and being loved in eight steps simple.

The book is all about taking your preferences and hopes into account, so you don’t waste time with people who aren’t right for you. Shetty presents specific, actionable steps to help readers develop the skills to practice and nurture love. It tackles the entire relationship cycle, from first dates to moving in, marriage, children, breaking up and starting over. And it shows how to avoid falling in love with false promises and unsatisfying partners, helping readers recognize when it’s time to let go of love.

Shetty said: “This book is not about finding the perfect person or relationship and leaving the rest to chance. I want to help you intentionally build love instead of wishing, wanting and waiting for it to arrive fully formed.

“Nobody sits us down and teaches us how to love, so we’re often thrown into relationships with nothing but romance movies and pop culture to help us through. I want to help you deal with the challenges and imperfections we encounter on the path of love. I want you to create a love that grows every day, expanding and evolving rather than realized and complete. We cannot know where and when we will find the love, but we can prepare for it and put into practice what we have learned when we find it. Love is learning to love yourself in order to love others. I hope this book will help you to do just that.

Malcolm added: “Jay Shetty’s first book Think like a monk was not just a commercial phenomenon, but an incredibly important crutch for so many readers around the world during the pandemic. As we slowly return to normal life, Jay’s new book 8 rules of love addresses the critical challenge of finding, maintaining and optimizing our relationships, and reminds us all that true personal fulfillment comes not from the frequency of contact, but from the depth of feeling.

Margarita W. Wilson

The author Margarita W. Wilson