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The bad idea is not over yet and now releases rocks instead of comics

The Bad Idea comic book publisher now lets readers swap their first customer pins for … pebbles. Yes, rocks.

Comic book publisher Bad Idea has announced its second first customer code redemption offer. And this time around, readers will be able to trade their pins not for a comic book, but for … a stone. (Yes really.)

“IN A WORLD … where paper and manpower are in dire shortage … ONE MAN … in fact one company … HAS THE POWER … to save all the comics with … ONE DECISION … to stop desperately trying to set release dates and instead pivot to their … A DESIRE … to trade pins for stones NOW YOU MUST FIGHT TO SURVIVE … pin buyback offer number 2! ” Bad Idea wrote in its official press release. “Really, what does a comic book publisher do when there is no paper to print comics on?

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That said, Bad Idea was quick to make it clear that he would not actually be sending comics carved in rock. It will just send stones (which may or may not have the Bad Idea mark on it). “That’s right, First Customer’s # 2 pin swap deal is an offer to swap your pins for comics carved into the rock itself! Rock,” the publisher wrote. “So, you know, for legal reasons, let’s just change this previous statement: First customer’s pin exchange offer number 2 is an offer to exchange your pins for stones. Just old stones. Bad Idea also explained that they would only send one stone per customer.

Bad Idea provided more details in an FAQ type segment:

So there is no comic strip? No. It was just a witty joke. The rock does not come with comics engraved on it.

Is it a special rock? No.

Is there something unique or particularly attractive about the rock? No.

Is rock like a metaphor or a work of art like Banksy would? mmm … yeah, sure.

What does the rock look like? I mean, rocks all look the same, don’t they?

Although we can spray the BAD IDEA logo on the rock if we have the time.

So how do you get one of these incredibly ordinary and fairly common rocks? You send us a first customer code.

“To recap, BAD IDEA sends each BAD IDEA Destination Store a first customer pin linked to certain versions,” the publisher explained. “The first customer to purchase the number the pin is linked to on the day of release is awarded a First Customer pin. such an outfit – which is available [sic] exclusively through the expenses of Pins First Customer. These opportunities will be limited, available [sic] for very short periods and exclusively for BAD IDEA-sters who have a First Customer PIN code. (Aren’t you glad you camped out of your store all night now?)… If you choose to grab one of the amazing opportunities, you must lose your first customer code. “

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In September, Bad Idea announced its first pin swap offer, which allowed readers to swap a First Customer pin for a copy of one of two comics: werewolf by Peter Milligan, Robert Gill and Andrew Dalhouse, or Retirement Shot of Matt Kindt, Juan José Ryp and Andrew Dalhouse. But Bad Idea claims “rocks are the new comics” and now offers the option to swap a pin for “AN ALL-NATURAL, EXCLUSIVE, POSSIBLY BAD IDEA BRAND ROCK.”

The official exchange instructions for receiving a stone read as follows:

If you have a First Customer pin, you can trade in a (probably also ridiculous) stone from BAD IDEA. To redeem your rock, simply send us your first customer PIN, check or money order (payable to Cincinnati Kid LLC) in the amount of $ 9.99 to cover shipping and handling charges ($ 29.99 each if you are international) and the following information:

– Last name and first name

– Full address (this is where we will send your stone)

– E-mail address

– phone number

at this address :

Bad idea

5455 S Fort Apache Road

Office 108-154

Las Vegas, NV 89148-6416

All redemptions the postmark must be made no later than November 30. It’s a month.

Please allow up to 6-12 weeks to receive your stone.

Again, checks and money orders should be made payable to “Cincinnati Kid LLC”. Anything done in error will be rejected. The sender may or may not be notified of the error before the refund deadline.

Be careful when providing your contact details. We will not sue the redeemers if there are any errors or omissions. Make sure you provide your full address, including your mailing address, apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc., city, state, zip code, and country.

Remember, getting your First Customer Pin with your First Customer Pin means losing the pin and potentially missing out on all future First Customer pin opportunities. Unless, of course, you manage new secure ones!

If you haven’t gotten a First Customer Pin yet, REFUSE x LAST RESORTS and ODINN’S EYE # 1 will be releasing First Customer Pins in conjunction with the comics. Both are in store on December 1. Good luck.

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