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The author writes a compelling fiction exploring the concepts of good, evil, power and repercussions

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Author Kerwin McLaughlin shares an action-packed fictional novel with The Vicious Circle readers ($ 20.49, paperback, 9781662832406; $ 9.99, eBook, 9781662832413).

McLaughlin’s book explores the good and bad and true consequences of his questionable actions. This story is a refreshing combination of classic literature and sci-fi action while still being grounded in today’s political climate. For readers who enjoy action movies, superheroes, and political thrillers, but are put off by their often anti-Christian leanings, this book will be a refreshing read.

This fictional story follows Edouard Gennaro, who by day is a wealthy financier and her daughter Rainbow, who is a famous socialite influencer. At night, the father-daughter duo finances their way of life by robbing drug dealers, robbing cartels, shaking up crime lords, and sabotaging competing businesses. Edward’s abundance of power sparks an invitation to join an exclusive inner circle that rules the country. Desperately in need of money to join the group, he enlists his daughter for a final heist in order to steal a priceless diamond. The effort tragically turns for the worse and Edward wakes up, buried alive, in a strange forest full of misery and death. Readers will accompany Edward on his frightening journey, battling horrors on the way to hell for all eternity. Will edward to persevere and escape hell to save his daughter and the world?

“Like most guys, I grew up loving action movies and comics,” McLaughlin said. “But the anti-Christian prejudices and the awakening agenda became too heavy for me, so I decided to write something that I would like to read. Entertainment today has an agenda but no truth and art without truth is not propaganda. “

Native New Jersey, Kerwin McLaughlin is a screenwriter and performer living in Southern california. He studied screenwriting and media arts at University of the City of New Jersey. McLaughlin has served as a corporate spokesperson, comedian, and worked for years in the film and television post-production industry. This book is his second novel. His first novel, Jerusalem, NJ takes Bible stories and places them in the world today.

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