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Suggie Bain author Douglas Stuart reveals details of Glasgow’s second novel Young Mungo

Glasgow-born Booker Prize 2020 author Douglas Stuart has revealed details of his second novel following his meteoric debut Suggie Bain … and it’s set right here in Glasgow.

Five years of writing from New York Times first bestselling author, the queer fictional novel Young Mungo will be published by Grove Atlantic in 2022.

Stuart took to Twitter tonight to thank the publisher again for “taking a chance on my super sad, super queer fiction” after revealing to the world earlier today that they will be releasing the second book of Stuart in April of next year.

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A partial synopsis of Young Mungo reads: “Five years in writing, Young Mongoose is a vivid portrait of working class life and a deeply moving and suspenseful story of the dangerous first love of two young men: Mungo and James. Born under different stars – Mungo a Protestant and James a Catholic – they should be sworn enemies if they are to be considered men.

“Their environment is hyper-masculine and sectarian, as gangs of young men and the violence they could inflict dominate the area of ​​Glasgow where they live.

“And yet, against all odds, Mungo and James become best friends when they find sanctuary in the loft that James built for his award-winning racing pigeons. Young Mongoose is a gripping and revealing story about the limits of masculinity, the pressures and pull of family, the violence many gay people face, and the dangers of loving someone too much. “

In an interview with Waterstones, the Scottish-American author revealed that he started writing Young Mungo “long before Shuggie was published and finished before Shuggie was nominated for the Booker.”

He added that Young Mungo will follow the life of young Mungo Hamilton, a 15-year-old boy who grows up “in the workers’ housing estates of Glasgow” who is sent to the north of Scotland “to make a man out of town. him”.

And Stuart also said he hopes readers “find it to come from that very personal space” by being a work of fiction “that draws a lot from my own life”.

It’s safe to say we’re super excited to read it!

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