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Stan Lee’s wildest cameo makes him the true leader of a super team

Stan Lee has appeared throughout the Marvel Universe, but the legend’s appearance in Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 sees the creator leading his own superhero team.

cameo king, Stan Lee, is no stranger to appearing in various superhero and comic book-related media. But the biggest appearance Stan “The Man” Lee ever had was in a universe that had him leading his own super-team.

There isn’t a living Marvel fan who doesn’t know about Stan Lee’s contributions to comic book history. From helping create some of Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters to writing acclaimed series, Stan Lee’s name and face are virtually synonymous with the Marvel brand. And when people think of the revered figure, there is no doubt that The many cameos of Stan Lee come to mind. In addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the man has appeared in various pop culture juggernauts such as The simpsons, The Big Bang Theory and Hero. With unbridled enthusiasm and his trademark smile, there was nowhere the comic book legend wasn’t willing to show his face.


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And with Lee’s enduring love of superheroes and comic books, it’s only natural that the creator should be the figurehead of his own comic book universe. Such a dream came true with the creation of Mighty 7 by Stan Leea Stan Lee Comics book, a Lee imprint developed with Archie Comics. Mighty 7 by Stan Lee features a group of aliens crashing into Earth. Comic book writer Stan Lee discovers space visitors and decides to mentor the crew in superhero art. Of course, Lee gets something out of the mentorship for himself: new content to write a whole new superhero story. Amid the outlandish tale, a shadowy military organization is aware of the new aliens’ presence on Earth. Lee must balance teaching visitors good heroism and evading the authorities while writing his latest superhero fiction.

What sets this Stan Lee cameo apart from the rest?

It’s no secret that Stan Lee and the superheroes go together like Spider-Man and crawl up walls. Long before Lee spent any time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the man was making cameos in actual Marvel comics such as The Fantastic Four, daredevil and Weird X-Men. And in true Marvel fashion, these pop-ins have always been billed as guest spots of the “real” Stan Lee. However, as meta as Marvel could get with their Smilin’ Stan cameos, it was rare for a comic book narrative to be built around Stan Lee as the creator.

But Mighty 7 by Stan Lee took a comedic tradition and took it to the next level. Stan Lee was loved by fans for his quirky humor and dedication to the world of comics. For the first time, Lee’s appearance in the story wasn’t just a one-time joke, it was actually the driving force behind the story. It took one of comics most revered creators and cast him in the lead role. Powerful 7 is such an outrageous and innovative concept for a superhero comic that could only work with such a well-known figure in the comic world as Stan Lee.

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