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Sci-Fi Author’s Book Explores Artificial Intelligence

At the end of June, author Hugh Miller, 51, published his sci-fi book Interview with Things.

It focuses on artificial intelligence and the future dilemma it might pose.

The author of Ellandshaven has been a graphic designer and web developer at his agency, HM Studio, since 2011. He was born in Welkom in the Free State in 1970 and moved to Johannesburg in 1992.

His book seeks to prove that humans seek purpose, free will, meaning in life, faith, and freedom, and that a conscious and conscious machine might desire the same things in the future.

Miller’s book has a subject that is not new, but an approach and a plot that is.

Love for writing

His desire to write started in school, where he wrote three science fiction books on a typewriter, but that’s where they stayed.

“It was also almost impossible to publish science fiction in South Africa at that time, but today the whole world is available. When I started my career in graphic design and advertising writing fell behind schedule and it wasn’t until my 50th birthday that I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to write, ”said Miller.

His love for writing and the important voice inside him started to scream. He felt a strong conviction to take up writing, 30 years later, and to pursue his passion for being an author.

“Interview with things”

The cover of the book. Photography: Supplied.

With the strong desire to write, he felt that the book needed a strong message and to combine it with his love for science fiction.

“The unique angle of this book is that most of the science fiction and robot themed novels come from atheistic evolutionary perspectives. The alternative may seem narrow-minded, but on the contrary, it has more evidence for it than against. It takes more faith to believe in anything like the saying goes, ”he said.

He said it would argue for a creator, right down to why AI even exists.

“From the impossible luck that a human cell would appear out of thin air to more scientists discovering the obvious DNA design and even age errors in dating fossils. God created Adam, Adam created the IA. We’re made like a creator. Androids are or will be made in ours, “Miller said.

The book argues these points through a sci-fi adventure with strong plot and action.

This raises human questions such as why is there something rather than nothing and what does it mean to be human, creator, or evolution?

“We live in a world where AI and robotic design are evolving very quickly and science fiction will soon become a fact. The goal for a Christian is to embrace a very plausible future and see evidence of a creator in everything, down to the complexity of music, ”he said.

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