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Rob Liefeld brings X-Force back to its’ 90s heyday in Killshot

Original X-Force creator Rob Liefeld returns to the storyline he first pitched in the 90s for an action-packed single number!

The original X-Force the series has blown away X Men fans when the first issue came out in 1993, and now this milestone is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the creator of X-Force Rob liefeld back to the series for the next one-shot X-Force: Coup de grace! Liefeld was responsible for transforming the New Mutants team into a next generation X Men delivers something entirely to him, and far more brutal, in the form of X-Force. While the X-Force title took on a different meaning in the X Men scenario, X-Force: Killshot will bring fans back to the original team for a high octane story that only the ’90s could deliver.

In the current X-Force scenario, the team no longer operates outside of the X-Men but rather is its successful squad. Since all the mutants gathered in Krakoa and transformed the island into a sovereign nation, the X-Men have become more of a country’s army, subject to the same scrutiny as the rest and therefore restricted by the agreements. international peace programs. In other words, if wrongdoing occurs in a country where the X-Men are not allowed to operate, they cannot help those who might be in danger. The Silent Council of Krakoa found a solution to this problem in the form of X-Force, their own special operations team that operates outside the law.

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The original X-Force was not even as political as the current race. by Liefeld X-Force was simply following a team of mutants who would use deadly force against an enemy if the situation called for it, while the X-Men would always go for life. The X-Force team weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in pursuit of mutant justice. The special one-shot will bring fans back to this simple, action-packed world, not only in style, but also with characters that are both good and bad. X-Force: Coup de grace will be written and drawn by Liefeld and will focus on the original members of X-Force, including Cable, Shatterstar, and Domino, who will split into five factions scattered over time in order to defeat this iteration’s nemesis: Stryfe.

Stryfe is a Cable clone who was raised and then abandoned by Apocalypse who only wishes to kill his heroic counterpart and rule every timeline with an iron fist. Stryfe was shot during the 90s crossover event Song of the X-Ecutioners, a story in which he was the central villain. While Stryfe is believed to be dead in the crossover, the villainous clone is back for another shootout with Cable and the rest of the original X-Force, and now it looks like the fate of the timeline is in danger.

Although originally an X-Force villain, Deadpool will apparently also join the team in this fight through time with Stryfe. Not only will Deadpool be involved, but the relatively new Rob liefeld The character Major X, who was not introduced in the ’90s but was later written into the narrative in a limited series, will also join the upcoming fight. So far, information on the specifics of the one-shot is limited, but if it delivers on the promise of bringing the X-Force back to its’ 90s heyday, then the information available is all available. X Men fans should know how to get into the action-packed high octane for sure X-Force: Killshot! The X-Force: Killshot anniversary special will be available for purchase on November 24.

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