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Pregnant dog saves people from fire at Russian health center, suffers severe burns in the process

A pregnant dog in Russia is praised for her acute vigilance after helping to save four elderly patients from a fire that broke out at a private hospice in Russia. The dog suffered serious burns in the incident, however. Now, the people of the city have come together to raise funds to help with the dog’s medical treatment.

Earlier this month, a fire broke out at a private hospice in the Leningrad region, near St. Petersburg, Russia. The female dog Mathilde barked loudly to alert the four residents, who were evacuated just in time from the burning wooden building by firefighters and taken by ambulance.

Although people were saved thanks to Mathilde’s quick response, the firefighters mistakenly forgot the dog, which was left inside the burning structure and on a leash. “During the commotion, everyone forgot about the dog named Mathilde, who was on a leash. Motya, as she is affectionately known, could not escape the blaze, she was badly burned,” reported Russian media SPB.

The caregivers are working hard to treat her severe burns while taking care of her puppies. (Source: spbvasilek /

Hours later, when a TV reporter show showed the severely injured dog, flinching in pain, pet rights activists and Petersburg volunteers Alexander Tsinkevich and Elena Kalinina rushed to the site and the have saved.

They brought the injured female dog to the Sotnikov clinic and shelter, where, after examination, they found out that the female dog was pregnant. A statement from the shelter said: “Mathilde’s face, neck and abdomen were badly burned. His muzzle remained completely naked, only the burnt skin is visible. Her abdomen, which the children are in, also looks creepy.

“She was examined by a fertility specialist who watched her for a very long time and carefully studied the puppies. They are all alive and developing well ”, Star of the day reported.

dog saves people burning down hospice, dog burns down hospice, russian hospice dog saves patients, pregnant female dog burns down hospice, viral news, indian express The female dog is expected to give birth next week. (Source: spbvasilek /

With the help of people’s input, the shelter posts regular updates on the female dog’s progress, indicating that she is ready to give birth anytime next week. However, Matilda might not be able to feed her babies right away as her abdomen and nipples are badly burned.

After the fire, the hospice owner was unable to take care of the dog due to an injury, local reports added. However, back at the clinic, the vets and volunteers help the dog to recover quickly.

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