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Norwich City: Tottenham’s Olly Skipp is a gem for Daniel Farke

Olly Skipp has shown why he is Daniel Farke’s main target for Norwich City.

The Tottenham lender has been a revelation on a one-season loan that could end with a promotion to the league for the 20-year-old.

Farke insists it’s too early to talk about trying to bring Skipp back, if Norwich returns to the Premier League, but the England Under-21 international is assured of a glowing benchmark.

“It was one of my biggest wishes last summer, so kudos to Stuart Webber for making this possible,” Farke said. “I can only congratulate Olly and Tottenham. It was a perfect deal. The best deal is always a permanent move, when you are fully convinced and commit to the future of the club for a player, and so do they.

“A loan is tricky. But if you’re lucky enough to bring in someone who can be a major boost to the team, then maybe a loan is the only way to make it happen. would never be able to sign a highly rated player like Oliver Skipp Not on a standing deal.

“It would be an incredible amount of money for our club.

“When you bring in young players from the best clubs in the world, there is always a risk. We saw the potential, we studied his character a lot and we knew that he would be fully convinced to give it his all, not thinking that I don’t need to work to prove that I am the best at my job.

“Oliver is a perfect boy. So humble. He’s a brilliant loan maker.”

Skipp will again be the key to Norwich City on Sunday against Wycombe after a historic first goal for the seniors in the 3-1 midweek victory at Birmingham.

“A fantastic boy. He reminds me a bit of Max Aarons in his debut season, who also delivered with incredible consistency, flawlessly, never injured, never sick, ”said Farke. “I actually said before Birmingham that there was one or two areas where he could still improve, like the attacking side, and then in the very next game he scores in Birmingham.

“It’s a good sign that he’s listening to what I’m asking. I think he was too surprised to celebrate.

“Guys make jokes in practice when he tries to shoot and when he scores they celebrate like they’ve won the World Cup. Even though I don’t remember him scoring too many times in the training.”

Margarita W. Wilson

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