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Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop reviews finally kicked off

Netflix took its first steps with anime a few years ago, and now the streaming service has made media one of its primary goals. From original series to ultra-exclusive licensing deals, Netflix is ​​investing money in its anime prints these days. Now the company is set to put forward one of its most ambitious anime projects yet, and Netflix reviews Cowboy Bebop are finally here.

As you can see below, the review embargo for Cowboy Bebop went live today, and the internet is booming. Everyone from ComicBook to The Hollywood Reporter has given their official opinion on the series, so there is some good and some bad here. For starters, some reviews of the show are glowing despite concerns about Cowboy Bebop Fans. But of course, there are others that don’t support the live adaptation.

At ComicBook, our own Evan Valentine gave his take on the series, and it turns out Cowboy Bebop was a surprise for the best. But as expected, Netflix still has a few issues to work out when it comes to adapting the anime.

“As we approach this ten-part game, we should be eliminating some of the good stuff about this vehicle with John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda as the Bebop’s main trio in Spike, Jet, and Faye. Their chemistry with each other is The biggest strength of the series, each of the actors presenting the cast as a family you love to watch joke with each other as they prepare for their next big score. It’s clear that each of the actors here are in love with it. their characters and it shows to the audience, with back and forths creating an interesting atmosphere and a feeling of pleasure, “writes Valentine.

“Or Cowboy Bebop Really stumbles is the expanding world with people like Vicious, Julia and their place in the Syndicate. In the original series, these characters were almost like role models for the life that Spike had left behind, having little to no characterization outside of their archetypes. In the live-action series, they take an opposite approach that tries to give us more information about Vicious and Julia but just doesn’t work. “

Of course, Internet users will be able to decide how Cowboy Bebop tariffs for themselves soon. Netflix will launch the live-action series on November 17 in the United States, and you can bet fans will have a lot to say about the project once it goes live.

Do you intend to check Cowboy Bebop when it hits Netflix this weekend? What do you want to see from the live adaptation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @Megan PetersCB.


“While the cast is awesome and they do the best they can with what they have, the online deliveries and cheap costumes end up looking like cosplayers forced to give the voice actors bad impressions. time it takes to watch all 10 episodes of the season, you can watch most of the whole anime, and Cowboy Bebop doesn’t offer a lot of good reasons why you shouldn’t do it at the square. ” – Collider

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“Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is a jazzy and elegant frenzy – but certainly not a blow-for-blow remake of the anime, despite what the very faithful recreation of the show’s opening credits may have you believe. mileage will absolutely vary depending on the expectations you set for yourself and, most importantly, your relationship with the anime.Watching Toonami’s Adult Swim Block Late Night, back when the anime was extremely difficult find this new version before stepping on the accelerator.

Because if you’re ready to come in with an open mind, you’re ready for something fun. “- GameSpot

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“The creative team behind Netflix’s live-action adaptation definitely had their work cut out for them. Animated series creator Shinichiro Watanabe was hired as a consultant, and original songwriter Yoko Kanno returned to write the score. , and their touches are felt throughout the characters feel authentic in their two-dimensional versions, the world is just as deliciously eerie, and when the elements align perfectly, it manages to tap into the effortless cool that has defined the original. “- SlashFilm

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Weekly entertainment

“Could live-action anime adaptations follow a similar arc in the cultural spotlight? Netflix certainly hopes so. The streaming giant has worked hard in recent years to build its anime library: acquiring the rights to classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Fullmetal Alchemist, producing their own originals like Castlevania and Yasuke, and embarking on American remakes. Their new version of Cowboy Bebop is the last of the latter category, and is much less embarrassing than previous attempts like the film. Death Note 2017. The combat sequences are quite entertaining, and there’s some impressive camera work like a dolly through a disintegrating space station, but it still doesn’t live up to the power of the original series. ” – Weekly entertainment

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The rolling stone

“I can’t say how loyal or satisfying fans of the original will find its Netflix live-action remake. But the new version looks a lot like a project with anime roots, and for the most part has figured out how to do it. his influences are working with live actors and practical sets. It’s a lot of fun.

It is a show of encounter as much as a thriller, a space opera, etc. And it’s good at almost all of these things. Whenever it seems like none of these elements should make sense together, especially in the live-action, Cowboy Bebop sprints off a cliff, refusing to stare at the void, and keeps moving forward. “- The rolling stone

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The AV Club

“Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop isn’t a complete and irremediable disaster, but it certainly won’t challenge anyone’s assumptions about the live-action anime. Its best moments come from playing with its own strength rather than emulating those of the original. When it comes to expanding on anime ideas or characters, the Netflix show only offers the most obvious and overused storytelling rhythms. ” – The AV Club

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Hollywood journalist

“What’s the use of adapting Cowboy Bebop into live action? That’s the question I found myself asking myself over and over again for the roughly 10 hours or so of the new Netflix series, and it’s a question I learned. to suspect that its creators had spent too little time settling down before taking the plunge. As far as it is possible to tell, their line of thinking seems to have been that it would be cool if someone recreated the series. classic live animation, and that these people might as well be themselves. There was never any idea to expand or reconsider the source material, there is no trace of it left in the final product. ” – Hollywood journalist

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“When I think of the live-action anime adaptations, at least the ones made in America, I think of how they seem so embarrassed by the source material. Much of an anime is changed in the process of being made. adaptation to make it more grounded, or seem less ridiculous. Or, if they have to keep elements of the original anime, that turns into something unrecognizable (I’m looking at you, Dragon Ball: Evolution).

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop looks like the first live-action adaptation I’ve seen from an American production company that not only loves the source material, but goes out of its way to bring the details of the anime to life. Team Cowboy Bebop isn’t shy, just a full-throated hug from the 1998 anime. “- IGN

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“[The] The original Cowboy Bebop anime were like a critically acclaimed band with an almost perfect career of defining hits, and the 2021 Cowboy Bebop is a ska-funk cover band performing through their hits. Players involved in Netflix’s new hit series are jumping into the material, and viewers might even feel a burst of glee as they recognize a former favorite reinterpreted with colorful enthusiasm. But this initial charm cannot mask the fact that the singer seems to know only about half of the lyrics and the guitarist cannot carry a piece. “- Polygon

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“Anime adaptations are, unsurprisingly, quite difficult to make. In the past, we’ve seen characters like Dragon Ball, Death Note, and Attack On Titan give live performances, only to find them falling by the wayside. thanks in part to having a misunderstanding of the source material and simply being unable to find the secret ingredient that made their source material so beloved, Cowboy Bebop is often considered one of the greatest animated series of all time, and while the Netflix adaptation never hits the same heights, it does manage to carve out a life of its own and justify its existence with a few flaws along the way. ” –


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