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My Hero Academia needs to slow down, but will the manga slow down?

My hero university is on a roll right now, and he’s pushing the speed limit when it comes to pace. As the series runs behind the scenes in season six, the manga moves forward at lightning speed in the middle of its final arc. And if you were to ask readers how the story is going, well, they would ask Izuku to put the brakes on.

If you follow the manga these days, you’ll know what’s going on. My hero university started exploring its endgame a few months ago, and the series has been steadily shining ever since. From major battles to tragic deaths, a lot has happened in the last 50 chapters of the manga.

However, it looks like fans aren’t too thrilled with the pace of the story. My hero university has traditionally done well with rhythm in the past, giving fans plenty of wiggle room between slice-of-life arcs and plot-driven ones. Over the past year, My hero university focused only on the latter, and fans are in desperate need of some space.

After all, there is only so much action before readers burn out, and fans have reached this point. Emotional exhaustion has set in among readers, and the recent loss of Star and Stripe has made matters worse. Chapter 334 ended on a sober note as All Might warned his students that their big fight was on the horizon. And if that ends up being true, well, our heroes will have little time to rest and reset.

The manga’s hectic pace rushes its story forward, but readers are admittedly bowled over by the change. My hero university has never worked out so recklessly before, and at its current rate, the story will not last until 2022. It is unclear how much of this change is due to creator Kohei Horikoshi or manga publisher Shueisha . My hero university Still gets strong marks with its anime, but manga sales have plummeted over the past two years in the face of stiff competition. So if the show is kicked off by executives, fans desperately want them to cut it!

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