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Monsters at Work creator says new series is actually a love story


Monsters at work, the new Disney + series that follows Monsters Inc., unfolds like a comedy in the workplace. The employees of a giant company are doing their best to manage their day-to-day tasks and balance working relationships, while the company itself is completely revamping its business model. Monsters, Inc. has shifted from the energy of screaming to the energy of laughter, which means everything about running the business has to pivot as well. It’s a wonderful idea for a workplace comedy, but Monsters at work aims to be much more than that. According to creator and executive producer Bobs Gannaway, it’s a love story too.

Unlike many other love stories, Monsters at work does not follow a journey between two characters. It is about the love of others against the love of self. The main character, Tylor Tuskmon, is hired to be a scarer, but that job no longer exists, so he is sent to join the outcasts who work in repairs and maintenance. He has no interest in being with these people, but learns to love them over the course of the series.

“At one point when we were writing the show, in the middle of production, someone in the room, one of the writers said, ‘It’s a love story,’” Gannaway said. in an exclusive interview. “It is. Tylor Tuskmon shows up with his goal of getting on that old fear floor. He doesn’t want anything to do with this new group. It’s like, ‘I was thrown into the basement with it. this wacky group and in love with this other place “, but as the series progresses, he begins to fall in love with this group. In the end, he finally has to make a choice. We knew we were working towards that choice, but it’s kind of like a love affair in a way. “

While Monsters at work is a direct sequence of Monsters Inc., looks like he has a lot more in common with Monster college. This movie could be described as a love story in more ways than one, as it shows the evolution of Mike and Sulley’s relationship, as well as their love for Oozma Kappa’s misfits.

What do you think of Monsters at work until now? Do you see it more as a love story? Let us know in the comments!

New episodes of Monsters at work come out every Wednesday on Disney +.


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