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MLB writer calls out Orioles over Trey Mancini

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The Baltimore Orioles have been one of the worst MLB teams in recent memory, and it’s no secret unless you haven’t watched baseball in a while.

Not only are they bad, but they are also very cheap.

When the refereeing numbers were exchanged a few days ago, there was a disagreement between the Orioles and their most iconic player, Trey Mancini.

The slugger asked for $8 million and the Orioles are only willing to offer $7.375 million.

It seems insignificant to argue with one of your best players and a baseball icon after surviving a recent battle with cancer for money, when everyone in the baseball world knows that a baseball franchise can generate that $625,000 faster than an Aroldis Chapman pitch.

Baltimore shouldn’t treat its star like this

MLB writer Gabrielle Starr pointed to the Orioles’ comically low payroll as one of the reasons they really shouldn’t try to anger their star.

“The Orioles really need Trey Mancini when their payroll is around $12 AND he came back from beating cancer last year. The ugliest look,” she said.

After the arbitration hearing between the O’s and Mancini (and those can go wrong), the player’s future in the organization is uncertain.

He’ll hit the free agent market after the 2022 season, and we all know the Orioles aren’t particularly keen on paying players big bucks.

Mancini, theoretically still in his prime at 30, hit 21 homers and cut .255/.326/.432 last year.

He’s capable of much more, and teams could be lining up to make trade offers to the Orioles in the coming days.

If he is not traded before the start of the season, there is a chance he will be moved around the deadline.

Either way, it doesn’t look like her marriage to the Orioles will be extended anytime soon.

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