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Milwaukee teacher inspires kids 1 word at a time; “Reading can be fun”

As Lorraine Moore opens a life-size book, the children gather to hear her read. Moore is the creator and author of two published children’s books and two more are in progress.

“I just want to make reading fun for kids and also make reading fun for kids by playing and reading books,” Moore said.

Something that may come as a surprise, Moore did not always have a love for reading.

“I would read but I was just doing it. I wasn’t like trying to learn and know that I can do more with my life but I didn’t know I could do more with my life,” Moore said. .

It wasn’t until Moore opened her own daycare in 2010, working to engage young minds, that Moore developed a love for reading and a knack for writing children’s books.

“I just decided to write a book in 2010. In 2011 to 2012, I published my first book which was called ‘LidOO WidOO’s golden daycare,'” she said.

Lorraine Moore

The two main characters are twins named LidOO and WidOO who go on an adventure where imagination and teachings mingle.

“LidOO, he’s kind of like the leader. He pretty much leads the pack. He’s a bit bossy at the same time and his sister WidOO, she’s the follower and she does pretty much whatever he says to do. but she’s still curious at the same time, “she said.

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Moore loves to sing songs she wrote to help kids stay engaged.

“I wish they wanted to read, that they wanted to pick up a book even if they can’t read the words. The pictures would just give them some kind of encouragement,” she said.

Moore’s journey to publishing books hasn’t always been easy, especially during a pandemic.

“Due to COVID, it kind of kept me out of schools and libraries and different other events,” she said.

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Moore shares another struggle she’s faced over the years.

“Getting the support and that was the hardest thing,” Moore said.

Despite this, Moore is on a mission.

“These are the young people who are coming behind us and I just want them to have a better life. I want them to be able to have a better opportunity in life,” said.

Moore has decided to close his daycare and plans to concentrate on his job full time.

“The impact that I feel that I have given to children although the characters have learned that reading can be fun,” Moore said.

Moore says that through her books, she will continue to teach children important life lessons along the way – and her story is not over. Moore has a Christmas-themed children’s book coming out soon and plans to release more songs for children.

Margarita W. Wilson

The author Margarita W. Wilson