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Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska on the burglary of her home: “The thief was not interested in a single book”

The home of famous Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska was broken into last Sunday while she was eating with relatives at a restaurant near her home in the Chimalistac neighborhood in southern Mexico City. On their return, they found the door open and the rooms in disarray.

“They looked, we found all the legs in the air, but the thief was not interested in a single book”, he underlined the author of “La noche de Tlatelolco” during a telephone conversation with the newspaper El País. “It makes me sad, here in Mexico nobody ever steals it,” he said with his usual sarcastic humor.

Poniatowska commented that they had instead stolen a computer in which he had many personal documents, as well as his columns for the newspaper La Jornada and the start of his new novel, but, as he ironically added , “I have them in my head, which is also a computer. I hope he doesn’t crack. “

The writer’s family filed a complaint with the Mexico City attorney general’s office, which opened an investigation into the crime of non-violent home theft.

The 89-year-old writer said she had no plans to adopt additional safety measures: “What action am I going to take, if I am already going to die?” in my head. ”Although she admitted that she was feeling a little sad, she assured that“ I will wake up happier tomorrow ”.

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Margarita W. Wilson

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