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Loki: The author of the series knew Sylvie would be his love

Loki he was destined to fall in love with the variant Sylvie from the beginning, revealed the writer of the series wonder, Michel waldron. We reveal all the details of the possible romance in “Loki” below.

After their far from ideal introduction at the end of Episode 2, the “Lokis” couple spent much of Episode 3 together. Instead of facing each other, they formed a truce and worked together to escape the doomed moon of Lamentations-1.

During this time, they developed an unlikely alliance and bonded from their shared experiences as variants. Loki and Sylvie’s possible romance has been criticized by some fans of the series.

All of their experiences together made the Asgardian Prince understand that he had feelings for Sylvie, but not without avoiding having an honest conversation with Mobius from the Disney Plus series.

Amidst everything that happened in Loki Episode 4, including the reveal that the Keepers of time do not exist, the end of the outing again caused the God of wickedness about to admit his attraction to his female variant.

Before i can start Ravonna Renslayer, who appears to be the main villain of the series, deleted it. In the post-credits scene, it is revealed that pruning doesn’t kill; it simply transports itself to another location, offering the possibility of Loki and Sylvie reuniting in the future.

According to Waldron, who created the program for Marvel studios, Loki’s crush on Sylvie was part of his original talk for the project. He told CBR that being bold and different turns him on and the rest of the show’s writing room on.

“It was the cornerstone of my release from the start. I knew this was a place I wanted to go, and our entire writers’ room and creative team were really excited about it.

“It was a bold and interesting decision and we are delighted with it. It all looked a little dangerous, and I felt like, “Well, that’s why we should do this.” […] At the end of the day, he’s a guy who needs to learn to love himself first and foremost. “

That said, not everyone is a fan of Loki who falls in love with Sylvie for several different reasons, as we share in detail in The news of the truth after the premiere of episode four of the series.

First of all, Mobius pointed out how narcissistic it was for him to find himself, just in a different way, and to be automatically drawn to her. Sylvie and the current Loki are just two of the confirmed variations of Loki in the Marvel Universe.

Second, there is also a part of the fan community who were hopeful that Loki and Mobius could fall in love after their fun interactions and dynamics. But, if Waldron was determined on Loki’s romance, chances are it will stay that way until the end.

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