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“It has to scare people, the size is important”. ‘Reacher’ Creator Praises Tom Cruise’s Change in Amazon Series

For Lee Child, his character’s new actor Jack Reacher is satisfying. The author of the books on which the “Reacher” series is based, 67, has spoken about his opinion on the redesign of the main character in the new Amazon Prime Video adaptation based on his books and essentially he’s glad they cast a different actor to play the ex-military man after Tom Cruise He embodies it in two films.

Reacher is also physical

Fans were concerned about Cruise’s height, as Reacher is described in one book as “extremely tall, extremely broad, with long arms and legs, with hands the size of dinner plates“. Alan Ritchson, who is almost 1’90, stars in the new series as the main character.while Cruise, 59, is 1’7. Child is an executive producer on the new project and spoke with Metre about the cast:

“There was criticism from fans of the books because they created a very clear picture of what Reacher should look like. It just became a different proposition and I guess it’s an opportunity to thinking ‘Okay, we can find a much bigger guy to make fans of the books happy.’ But we’re also focusing on the non-book audience. What do you need? They just need a good entertainment, they don’t have the reference yet, so they also had to be satisfied.

Child added that he understood what viewers wanted; even if also appreciates Cruise’s work.

“I think size is important for certain parts of the story. Reacher needs to scare people, and you can do that a lot easier with the gaze of this huge animal instead of a full-sized actor.

Too much Ritchson, 37, spoke recently with The post office about her new role and how her height was a great asset.

“I gained 30 pounds for the role and I feel great. It’s my life-size, and it feels good to be able to be me. Of course, there’s the physical aspect. We’re both from the same size. It gives you a certain confidence when you walk and I think we share that. I love Tom Cruise. I’ve seen all his other movies. He’s an icon, a living legend. There’s no There’s no one like him. But it was a project where I wanted to try and make Reacher my own, out of respect for the fans who love the books and want to see a real Jack, and this was my chance.


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