In the New York it is usually possible to take out a normal loan, such as a personal loan or a revolving credit, from the moment the applicant is 18 years old. 18 years However, the lower limit that some lenders use is 21 years.
In addition, many providers also apply an upper limit. This is usually around 68, but there are also special senior credits. In that case, a maximum term of 4 years is often used and an additional life insurance policy will usually have to be taken out.

Other frequently set requirements are that the loan applicant must have the Dutch nationality for at least one year and must have a fixed monthly income. The requirements set by a bank are usually stricter and more extensive than with the various lenders on the internet.

What should I pay attention to if I want to borrow money independently?

choice When you are going to borrow money independently, it is important to find out which loan suits you best. Nowadays it is very easy to compare the different loan forms and providers online . It is certainly worthwhile to request multiple quotations and to compare them carefully. If a considerable loan amount is required, it is wise to ask for the help of an expert.

Business loan

If you want to take out a loan as a self-employed person, this usually relates to a business loan, but some other matters come into play than borrowing as a private individual. What kind of business loan are you actually looking for? What do you need the money for? do you need capital yourself to get this loan? Which documents, annual accounts do I have to submit when applying for a business loan or bank credit? These are all questions that you should read through before you go to a bank or lender for an application. And here also applies; look and compare, but keep an eye on what is or is not done for you and what it costs.