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Image crossover kills DC icon with shocking familiar weapon

As comic book characters continue to rampage in the Image Comics Crossover series, a fan-favorite real-life creator dies by a familiar murder weapon.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Crossover # 9, on sale now from Image Comics.

If there is one thing clear about the Image Comics series Crossingis that no real world comic book creator is safe. After hundreds of comic book characters suddenly crashed in Denver in a city-destroying battle, many real-life comic book creators were held responsible for the carnage and hunted down by those who zealously targeted the comic book community. . Everyone from Brian K. Vaughan to Chip Zdarsky has been threatened by sinister characters suing comic book creators, the government working with Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Powers to learn more about the murderous culprits. And in the last issue of Crossing, another comic book creator is found dead of a weapon he has long been associated with: Scott Snyder.

The comic book creator’s killer stayed ahead of the authorities for a while, leading the government to recruit Walker and Pilgrim to stop any further killings following Vaughan’s tragic disappearance. Walker and Pilgrim are even more motivated when they realize that the death of their creators can bear grim omens for the characters they’ve created, with the two fictional detectives moving quickly to make sure Bendis and Oeming stay at home. Shelter from the serial killer from the comic book creator. However, as the criminals reach a crime scene in a dark alley near a movie theater, they discover that Snyder has become the latest real-world murder victim, with a Batarang-type weapon discovered at the scene of the murder by the authorities of Crossing # 9 by Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Dee Cunniffe and John J. Hill.

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In a way, Snyder’s fate mirrors that of Thomas and Martha Wayne, all three murdered in an alley near a movie theater showing Zorro’s mask. Since Snyder went on to become one of the greatest comic book writers with one of the most critically acclaimed series on Batman of all time – often associated with superstar artist and longtime collaborator Greg Capullo – this tragedy is part of a coordinated effort against comic book creators. It also raises the question of what Snyder’s murder did to all of his original creations like American vampire‘s Skinner Sweet and its new line of designer-owned titles through its publishing brand Best Jackett Press.

Snyder’s murder and the inclusion of an apparent Batarang aren’t the only times DC’s properties have been referenced since the start of Crossing. The opening issue of the series featured a child’s drawing of the iconic Superman emblem, which did not directly name the Man of Steel. Likewise, the Batarang has yet to be named as such by Walker or Pilgrim. In terms of performance, the Batarang is also slightly different from most other iterations of the shuriken, with longer, more jagged ears in the center, potentially setting it apart significantly for licensing reasons.

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Crossover Powers Batarang

Much like the off-panel murder of Vaughan at the start of the series, Scott Snyder’s death is a lot of fun between him and CrossingSnyder and Cates’ creative team not only friends, but together teach occasional comic book classes. Instead, Snyder’s murder reminds CrossingThe heroes of the mystery’s bloody stake they investigate, while providing another great nod to readers as the real world and the larger comedic worlds collide, leaving many shocking victims in their wake.

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