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Hunter x Hunter’s Return Could Be Bigger Than Expected

Hunter X Hunter conquered the Internet thanks to its creator resurfaced, and the buzz is only growing day by day. Yoshihiro Togashi took everyone by surprise this month when they launched a social media debut and confirmed that their manga was back in production. Moreover, it seems that its last update has extended the duration of Hunter X Hunteris back.

The update was shared with fans just recently on Twitter as usual. Togashi posted a photo of his new profile after revealing that work on Chapter Ten of the manga’s return is underway. As far as fans know, the artist only inked ten chapters for the manga before he returned to Shounen jumpbut that account has changed given her most recent photo.

As you can see above, Togashi is currently working on Chapter 12. The artist posted a photo of his manga drafts as usual, and this batch is tagged with a 12. Obviously, the update day caught Hunter X Hunter surprise fans as they didn’t expect Togashi to release more than ten chapters with this comeback. But as long as the artist is in, so are the fans.

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If you haven’t followed Hunter X Hunter this month, you should know that Togashi rocked the anime fandom a week ago when a Twitter page popped up claiming to be theirs. The profile began posting numbered drafts of new Hunter x Hunter chapters, and once reports confirmed that Togashi was running the account, pandemonium erupted. Now fans are just sharing their support for Togashi online as he returns to Hunter X Hunter after four years of absence. And I hope the manga will be printed again for fans around the world to read soon.

How excited are you for Hunter X Hunter to return? What do you want to see back…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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