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How many ‘Foundation’ episodes will there be?

Sci-fi fans and those who enjoy adaptations of the book on TV will likely be interested in the latest offering on Apple TV Plus: Foundation. The drama series, based on a set of stories by Isaac Asimov, follows a group of exiles who come together as the “Foundation” to try to plan the impending downfall of the Galactic Empire.

The streaming series stars Jared Harris as Hari Seldon, a math professor who expands the study of psychohistory to make predictions about the future through probability.

Six feet Under ground Actor Lee Pace plays Brother Day (Cleon XII), who is a clone and the leader of the Galactic Empire. The drama also stars actors Lou Llobel (Gaal Dornick), Leah Harvey (Salvor Hardin), Terrence Mann (Brother Dusk / Cleon XI) and Alfred Enoch (Raych Seldon).

The first two episodes of Foundation released on September 24, and viewers may be wondering about the rest of the Season 1 release schedule. Plus, read on to find out about creator and showrunner David S. Goyer’s ambitious plan for the continuation of the season. ’emission.

Will “Foundation” return for season 2?

Apple TV Plus has yet to announce whether the sci-fi series will be renewed for a second season, but creator and showrunner David S. Goyer has big plans for the future of. Foundation.

David wants the series to last eight seasons, and he’s already articulated that goal at Apple.

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“I don’t want to hurt myself, but Apple knew this was a big company and they wanted to make sure I was writing for something,” he shared with Decision maker. “They asked me the same question, they said, ‘In a perfect world, how many seasons do you have in mind?’ and I said, ‘Eight.’ They said, ‘Can you get us through the eight [seasons]? ‘ and for about two hours I took them through the eight [seasons], so I hope we get there. We’ll see.”

Although the series has already stood out from the books, there are still many sources that the authors of the series can refer to if Foundation keep on going.

You can broadcast Foundation with an Apple TV Plus subscription.

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