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Grant Morrison announces the release of his first novel this fall

Legendary Batman and Final Crisis Comic book creator Grant Morrison officially publishes his first novel. The news was announced earlier this week in a report of io9, which revealed the first details surrounding the upcoming book. Title Luda, Morrison’s novel is described as a fantasy story, which involves the worlds of drag queens and black magic. This will be Morrison’s second book, after the best-selling non-fiction title Supergods: Our World in the Age of Superheroes in 2011. Ludathe cover of which you can check out below, is slated for release on September 6 wherever the books are sold.

(Photo: Del Rey Books)

In Luda, Luci LaBang is a star: for decades, this flamboyant drag artist has bewitched the screen and the stage. She is now the star of a hit musical. But as the weather takes its toll, Luci worries her star is starting to dim. When Luci’s co-star encounters a mysterious accident, a new ingenue enters the scene: Luda, whose fantastical beauty and sinister charm immediately appeal to Luci…and who looks strikingly similar at a much younger age. Luda begs Luci to share the secrets of her fame and reveal the hidden tricks of her trade. Because Luci LaBang is a master of Glamour, a mysterious discipline that draws on sex, drugs and the occult for its trance-transforming effects.

But as Luci tutors her young protege in the art, their fellow cast and crew members begin to meet with untimely ends. Now Luci wonders if Luda has mastered The Glamor all too well…and exploited it to achieve her dark ambitions. What follows is a heady descent into the demi-monde of Gasglow, a fantasy city of dreams, and into the nightmarish heart of Luda herself: a femme fatale, a freak, a monster, and perhaps the most brilliant of all.

“Basically, I was exploring and questioning my personal past experience as young, working class, genderqueer, and obsessed with performance.…” Morrison tells io9. “As I got older, the day came when makeup made me look like my grandmother in an open coffin and I was struck by a poignant nostalgia for old clothes and me and the possibilities that no longer fit so well! As anyone in these circumstances could do, I’ve found a way to unpack my feelings in a twisty psychological thriller!”

“I hope readers enjoy the vulgar flamboyant language, the glitz and glamor of showbiz, the delicate puzzle box narrative, the bare humanity and a lifetime’s journey inside the mind of an extraordinary individual. and irreplaceable!” Morrison has talked about the possibility of a sequel. “Luda is its own complete story, but the “world” in which it is set – the half-Brooklyn, half-Glasgow town of Gasglow – could host countless interconnected tales!”

As mentioned above, Luda will be available on September 6 wherever the books are sold.

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