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Ghost showrunner teases ‘consequences’ for Monet

The last season of Power Book II: Ghost is all about Tariq St. Patrick as he desperately tries to cover up the murder of Professor Jabari Reynolds. But he’s not the only one having problems. Monet Tejada realizes she made a big mistake with her nephew Zeke Cross – one who Power Book II: Ghost Designer and showrunner Courtney Kemp’s teasing could have major “consequences”.

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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ latest episode found Zeke in a bind

In the last episode of Power Book II: Ghost, fans watched as police called Zeke to question him about his relationship with Professor Carrie Milgram. Carrie is the number one suspect in Jabari’s murder, as the two were romantically involved shortly before his death. She also dated Zeke, who is her alibi until he sneaks into the police.

Not realizing that she had already admitted that they were together, Zeke lies and says that he was not with her on the night of the murder when he indeed was. He attempts to call Monet when the conversation heats up, but Detective Whitman takes advantage of her naivety and discourages him from contacting her.

Zeke is interrogated for what appears to be hours and ends up cracking under the pressure, throwing Officer Ramirez’s PBA card to get him out of trouble. He does not know that Ramirez is missing after being killed by his cousin Cane Tejada. Investigators begin to swoop down on Zeke until Monet barges in to escort him out of the station.

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Ask the Instagram Live About why Zeke brought up the PBA card, Kemp replied, “Because we wanted Monet to be punished for not bringing Zeke into life, for not telling him enough. Like, she should have told him more, just like Ghost and Tasha should have said [their kids] Following.”

She continued, “I think maybe I have a little something on my shoulder about parents lying to children. And I know that as a parent myself, I don’t lie to my daughter at all, which sometimes causes conflicts with others. But I’m not lying – never because I want us to have that confidence. “

“And I think that’s the problem: Monet lied to Zeke a lot and didn’t tell him the truth about some things and kept him away from some things because she thinks she knows better. “, she continued. “And I think you see there are absolutely consequences to that.”

Monet also has a problem with Mecca, her ex-boyfriend. He came back into his life, showing an interest in reconciliation. But he seems to have ulterior motives, as he is secretly his new drug supplier.

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Tune in to ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ on Sunday

Fans can catch Power Book II: Ghost at 8 p.m. ET Sundays on Starz. After the next episode we’ll be halfway there, which means things will surely speed up from that point until the finale. The season will be followed by the debut of Power Book IV: Strength, the Tommy Egan spin-off, on February 6, 2022. Stay tuned.

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