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First YA Camping Survival Book Of Its Kind From Rebel Minx


LOS ANGELES, July 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Justin Cody’s Race for survival has been optioned by writer / director duo – Rebel Minx – and is being developed into a scripted television adventure series for the whole family, with a focus on pre-teen boys and girls ages 9-14. An unscripted aftershow companion teaching actual camping skills from the book is also in the works.

The 135-page young adult novel is a first of its kind hybrid and adventure story which also teaches real-life skills, such as lighting a match, reading a topographic map, learning universal rescue signals, how to lift and line up a canoe, and dozens of other lessons to survive in the wild. between useful information and a survival story at the same time was just great! ” Gideon Davis, 13

“The mix of useful information and a survival story at the same time was just great! ” Gideon Davis, 13

Justin Cody’s Race for survival follows the story of a thirteen-year-old boy addicted to smartphones who finds himself alone in the wild after the kidnapping of his outdoor expert grandfather. Without a guide, without skills and mysterious strangers on his trail, he struggles to navigate the wilderness, running to meet a rescue helicopter… and, hopefully, his grandfather.

Justin cody looked at the huge waterfall below him… In all his young life, he had never been so alone. As far as he could see, all he could see were boulders and trees, trees and boulders, and of course the river. There were no cars, no roads, no buildings, no human voices. Other than the rustle of a light breeze and the determined buzz of mosquitoes, his new world was silent. “

The book was written by Jacobson Cliff, the most published camping and canoeing author of all time, with a catalog of over a dozen how-to books, hundreds of articles and over a million copies sold.

Justin Cody’s Race for survival is published by 10,000 Lakes Publishing and can be purchased on Amazon or directly from Jacobson’s website at

Follow-up questions and inquiries can be answered by Shayna Weber, co-creator at Rebel Minx who can be reached at 310-890-6150 or [email protected]

Rebel Minx is the female scriptwriting / filmmaking team, Clarissa jacobson and Shayna Weber. The duo create content for film and television and reside in Los Angeles.

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