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FFXIV Recipes Made Alive By The Official Cookbook

Square Enix and Insight Editions will release The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook later this year, featuring over 70 recipes from the MMO JRPG.

A Final Fantasy XIV– A themed cookbook is currently in the works, which means fans can sample Eorzea food this fall. Square Enix’s massively multiplayer online JRPG is still going strong even a decade after its launch, overcoming a rocky start and a major overhaul of its development team to bring together over 22 million registered players by April 2021.

Like most MMOs, part of Final Fantasy XIV success comes from the large and expansive world that players around the world can connect with, comprising four major cities and several different environments. Naturally, this setting has plenty of unique dishes for its citizens to dine after a long day killing monsters and embarking on epic quests, and players will now be able to try some of Hydaelyn’s best dishes from the comfort of their own. own kitchen.

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According to Siliconera, Square Enix publishes a Final Fantasy 14 cookbook november 9 by rated Star wars, Harry potter, and Marvel comics associate editor Insight Editions. Twitter the Wario64 games news hunter posted a screenshot of a Simon & Schuster listing now edited to The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook, which has been described as exhibiting “Hydaelyn and Norvrandt’s favorite flavors and easy-to-follow instructions, this tome provides plenty of tips on how to get the most out of your ingredients”And contains 192 pages and over 70 recipes. The page in question has now been edited to simply read “licensed video game cookbook,“But fans can see the original post for the $ 35 hardcover in the post below:

This cookbook will come just like Final Fantasy 14 last extension, Endwalker, will launch on November 23. The update looks quite promising, with Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida stating that Endwalker will contain more stories and cutscenes than even 2019 Shadowbringer. This is good news for fans of Final Fantasy XIV, which recently saw a surge in subscribers on Steam over the past week.

A Final fantasy The XIV-themed cookbook may seem out of the picture (and some might argue that 2016’s Final Fantasy XV would be better suited for such a party member related to Ignis Scientia’s penchant for coming up with new recipes in the heat of the moment), but Hydaelyn’s expansive frame certainly contains enough interesting dishes to fill a hardcover of 192. pages. Fans will have the chance to sample meals from Final Fantasy XIV when The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook released in bookstores on November 9th.

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Source: Siliconera, Wario64 (via Twitter)

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