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Fallout veteran says his new game wouldn’t exist without Game Pass

Pentiment director Josh Sawyer said it’s likely Pentiment wouldn’t exist without Xbox Game Pass.

On the November 15 episode of Waypoint Radio, spotted by a Twitter user BenjiSales, Sawyer said his new game’s content was too specialized for most mainstream publishers to pick up. Sawyer said: “Xbox knew the project existed in some vague sense, but we didn’t show them anything until our virtual installment…so we had already executed the basic idea and [Microsoft] was very supportive.” Game Pass, along with Microsoft’s official ownership of Obsidian, gives the studio the flexibility to pursue smaller projects.

While his experience was positive, Sawyer said “it’s entirely reasonable to look at it and say there’s a trade-off for both the developers and potentially the people using it.” . The statement matches what he has said in the past, including in a previous interview with GameSpot. Pentiment is his most recent game, but Sawyer is best known for his work as lead designer on Fallout: New Vegas as well as director of the two Pillars of Eternity titles.

Pentiment is a murder mystery set in mid-Reformation Bavaria (now part of modern Germany). The main character, Andreas Maler, is an artist who finds himself caught in the middle of the conflicts between an abbey and the local town amidst the chaotic upheavals of the times. It has more in common with Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose than most video games, and even Obsidian’s previous outing. It’s not hard to imagine that such a game had trouble finding a publisher. However, other narrative games with a leaning towards historical fiction, like Card Shark, have come out recently with some success and success.

In GameSpot’s Pentiment review, reviewer Jordan Ramée gave it a 6/10, saying, “Pentiment strives to exist somewhere between a history book and historical fiction, without quite committing in a detailed look at the story or by completing a story arc.”

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