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Episode 2 of Boba Fett’s book should have been episode 1

Rather than continuing to set the table, “The Tribes of Tatooine” plunged into the conflict at the heart of “The Book of Boba Fett”: the seizure of power over Tatooine following the death of Jabba the Hutt and the fall of the Galactic Empire five years earlier. It also provided a good introduction to the mayor of Mos Espa, Mok Shaiz, drawing on the mystery that surrounded him since the first episode, but without revealing too much about the motives or the end of the game of the cunning politician. Perhaps most important of all, the episode brought the Hutts (essentially the most powerful gangsters in the “Star Wars” universe) into the mix and made it clear that they know all about Boba casually picking up the l ‘former domain of Jabba. In doing so, “The Book of Boba Fett” put Tatooine’s governing and gangster forces on a collision course with Boba – one that will truly challenge him to prove that his stated intention to rule with respect and not out of fear is more. only simple words.

As for the episode’s flashbacks, “The Tribes of Tatooine” also got to the most compelling part of Boba’s journey after “Return of the Jedi”: how he was accepted by the Tusken Raiders. Considering he was dressed like them and wielding a staff of gaderffii (their weapon of choice) on “The Mandalorian”, there was no doubt that Boba would go from being their prisoner to living freely among them, even before the last scene of “Stranger in a strange land.” As such, seeing Boba learn to use his gaderffii staff like a boss and, in return, give the Tusken Raiders the tools they need (namely, speeder bikes) to fight against the Pyke Syndicate members who enter. on their land and killing theirs was quite satisfying. But more than that, it offered a real insight into how Boba – who found a way to help the Tuskens claim their rights as the indigenous people of Tatooine without inadvertently starting a full-fledged war with the Pykes. – first realized that he could (and wanted) to be more than a mercenary.

Margarita W. Wilson

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