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Dogri Sanstha releases TR Magotra’s poetry book

TR Magotra’s book of poetry is published online.

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JAMMU, July 12: A Dogri ‘Hirdyegat’ poetry book written by TR Magotra ‘Sagar’ was published today by Dogri Sanstha Jammu in an online feature.
Prof Lalit Magotra, President of Dogri Sanstha Jammu presided over this ceremony. The book is a collection of 101 poems by the author containing songs, ghazals and bhajans.
Professor Veena Gupta, Vice President of Dogri Sanstha Jammu and former Head of Department of Dogri at the University of Jammu, read a scientific article on the published book, highlighting the salient qualities of the poems contained in the book.
Professor Lalit Magotra, in his presidential remarks, appreciated TR Magotra ‘Sagar’ for his contribution to Dogri literature by writing seven books in Dogri which include collections of poems and some aspects of history. Professor Magotra said that the two dominant themes of the poems in the published book are praise of the Creator and the uselessness of the world’s goods and riches. He stressed that one of the characteristics of the Duggar region is its religiosity. “The Dogras are people of a predominantly religious nature and Duggarland is known to be the home of many local goddesses and deities. In this sense, the bhajans and prayers of the gods in the published book represent local ethics. Devotion to God naturally leads to a feeling of renouncing the goods of the world, as many poems in the book show, ”he said.
Earlier, the author of the book recited some of the compositions from the book and expressed his gratitude to Sanstha for publishing his book.
At the start of the program, Dr Chanchal Bhasin, Secretary Dogri Sanstha Jammu, highlighted the usefulness and immense success of the online literary programs organized by Dogri Sanstha Jammu.
Technical support to all of the above has been effectively provided by Pawan Verma.

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