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Denver shooting suspect Lyndon McLeod’s books go missing from Amazon

The books written by the suspected shooter in Monday’s Denver and Lakewood shooting have been removed from Amazon, after remaining on the e-commerce giant’s platform for at least two days after the attacks.

Sanction was a science fiction trilogy written by Lyndon James McLeod under the pseudonym Roman McClay. McLeod, 47, is believed to have killed five people in Monday afternoon’s rampage and was later killed by a police officer whom he shot dead.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the purge.

Amazon did not respond News weekrequest for comment from, and McLeod’s author profile on Amazon is still live.

In Sanction II, the protagonist “Lyndon MacLeod” commits a mass shootout, killing six people. In this sequence, MacLeod the character was wearing tactical gear and murdered two tattoo artists.

This revealed parallels to McLeod’s murder spree on Monday, in which he was dressed in tactical gear and targeted two tattoo shops.

Denver shooting suspect Lyndon McLeod, who used the pseudonym Roman McClay, wrote a trilogy of sci-fi books which he sold on Amazon. McLeod’s books have since disappeared from the platform.
Amazon / Roman McClay

The shooter’s first stop was at Sol Tribe Tattoo and Piercing in Denver, where he killed tattoo artists Alicia Cardenas, 44, and Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado, 35. Sol Tribe piercer Jimmy Maldonado, who is Gunn-Maldonado’s husband, is in critical condition after sustaining injuries from the shooting.

At one point during his rampage, the gunman entered the Lucky 13 tattoo parlor, where he killed 38-year-old tattoo artist Danny Scofield.

McLeod also broke into a building on the block which he described in the murder sequence of the second book. He fired shots, but no one was injured in this incident.

McLeod’s other victims are Sarah Steck, 28, who was killed while working at the reception desk at Hyatt House in Lakewood, and builder Michael Swinyard, 67, who was shot dead in his Denver apartment.

Authorities believe that each of the victims targeted by McLeod, with the exception of Steck, was “known to him”.

According to Denver Post, McLeod’s books named both Cardenas and Swinyard as murder victims. In I sanction, Lyndon “MacLeod” the character kills a Michael Swinyard in his apartment.

The self-published series, released between 2018 and 2020, also contained shameless racist and misogynistic language, and was widely praised by Amazon critics overall.

the Denver Post reported that McLeod co-owned a tattoo shop in 2013 called All Hearts Enterprise, which was also called Flat Black Ink Corp. Flat Black Ink was listed as the publisher of his novels.

The store was located in the block where McLeod had his fictional self-murdering tattoo artists in the second book.

At least two people targeted by McLeod on Monday, including Danny Scofield, worked with him there. A former All Hearts Enterprise employee told the Denver Post the business failed because of McLeod’s aggressive attitude towards employees.

The address of All Heart Industry was finally taken over by Sol Tribe, owned by Alicia Cardenas, in 2016.

Denver Police said the books were included in authorities’ investigation into the shootings.

Police work after shooting at tattoo shop in Denver
Police work on the scene outside the Sol Tribe tattoo store on Broadway where two women were shot and killed and one man injured on December 27, 2021 in Denver, Colorado.
Michael Ciaglo / Getty Images

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