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Charlie Bennet’s Photobook Shows How the COVID Pandemic Has Changed NYC Through Striking Photos – NBC New York

What there is to know

  • The second anniversary of New York’s stay-at-home order is March 20.
  • “On Pause,” features stunning photos of famous New York landmarks during the 2020 citywide shutdown.
  • Interviews with New Yorkers detail how they coped during a difficult time.

It’s New York like you’ve never seen it before.

A new book titled ‘On Pause’ takes readers on a journey through the streets of New York in the months after former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered residents to stay home and all non-essential businesses closed. closed their doors.

42nd and 5th ave

The “coffee table book,” as photographer and co-creator Charlie Bennet describes it, features empty streets and isolated landmarks known to be among the liveliest corners of Manhattan.

Grand Central Terminal, World Trade Center, Bryant Park – all sorry.

“I feel like if you’re a photographer in New York and you’re going through this very, very unique time, you have to document it or cover it up somehow,” Bennet told NBC New. York.

Times Square

The book also includes interviews with writer Helena Gustavsson, who spoke with New Yorkers about their personal experiences in the time of COVID.

“We really tried to emphasize that even though it was a horrible time for the city, people were helping each other and people were really trying to keep life going in the city,” Gustavsson said.

big central station

6 Train

Check out more photos from the book here.

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