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BlazBlue Games Gets Flashback Means Guilty Gear Xrd Isn’t Far Behind


For fighting games, the definitive experience has always been local play, thanks to a variety of factors that made playing online more complicated than it is worth. Some competitive games today still have this problem, like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate still using the delay-based netcode for multiplayer, as well as old fighting games like Ultra Street Fighter 4. However, the implementation and widespread adoption of netcode rollback has really helped address this issue with newer titles like Guilty Gear and Skull Girls. That being said, for The arc system works games in particular, older / legacy games also get the netcode restore processing.


Starting with Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, Arc System Works has strived to implement the most efficient and accurate netcode technology in more classic games on its list. Especially after the renewed success of More R with GGPO, and the largely positive reception of Guilty Gearimplementation of netcode rollback, ArcSys had stated that it was also considering the implementation of netcode rollback in several classic fighting games in its lineup. This desire comes true with BlazBlue: Central Fiction and BlazBlue: Cross Beacon Battle, which means that other legacy ArcSys games could benefit from the same treatment, such as Guilty Gear Xrd.

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Rollback Netcode coming to BlazBlue is just the start

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Until recent years, online multiplayer fighting games largely operated on a delay-based netcode. The delay-based netcode is deprecated due to the degree of input lag and latency issues it can cause, especially as the distance between players increases. A server-based netcode like GGPO / rollback netcode has been around in larger-scale multiplayer games for years, but rollback has specifically come in response to the terrible online netcode implemented in Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper combat. Fast forwarding to 2021, the restore netcode dramatically reduces input lag and latency issues, leading to a much more refined online fighting game experience.

Implementation of rollback by Arc System Works in the Guilty equipment the series has led to expansion by the developer into other franchises; more recently with BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and soon with BlazBlue: Cross Beacon Battle. It is in tandem with the existing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R netcode rollback, as well as Guilty Gear.

Presumably, future Arc System Works games will have a rollback netcode implemented for online multiplayer as well as a result. DNF Duel, a new ArcSys fighting game based on Online Dungeon Fighter, would probably not come out without the restore netcode at the risk of alienating or disappointing fans. Same Persona 4 Arena UltimaxThe reissue of probably wouldn’t come out without the restore netcode, as fans at this point would expect a better netcode, although that might not be realistic.

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Guilty Gear Xrd and more will likely get a flashback

Since an older person Guilty equipment game has already implemented GGPO, it is very likely that Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 could receive the same treatment in time. Granted, it probably wouldn’t be anytime soon, but with Central fiction and Crossed Beacon Battle receiving the implementation of the rollback, the chances of older games receiving the same treatment are even greater. With games like Granblue Fantasy Versus Where Dragon ball fighterz, it’s a little harder to say. Arc System Works has commented on the possibility (from a technical standpoint) of implementing a restore netcode in these games, but conflicts with the publisher could affect these games in particular.

However, when it comes to newer titles, the restore netcode almost becomes a necessity. With the success of Guilty Gear, any Arc System Works fighting game (and, frankly, any other modern fighting game to come, i.e. King of Fighters 15) that comes out without netcode rollback will encounter fan backlash. Even games like Street fighter 5, which implement a version of netcode rollback that is not as robust or efficient as something like Aspire, resulted in negative reactions from the players. Punk, one of the Street fighter 5the best players in the world have said it himself, during a stream sponsored by Capcom, that Street fighter 5the netcode of is horrible compared to Aspire.

This type of response can be decisive for a new fighting game release, so it makes sense that restore netcode should be a priority for Arc System Works, as well as any other fighting game developer. King of Fighters 15 There were no plans to implement the rollback netcode initially, but voice comments from fans asking #SNKRollback on Twitter seem to have prompted the developers to implement rollback in the final release. The rollback netcode will be a vital part of the future of online fighting games, especially at a time when pandemic concerns are forcing gamers to stay home. Arc System Works clearly recognizes this.

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