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Beauty editor Cheryl Kramer Kaye explores Augustinus Bader’s new haircare launch


Last month, Studio 512 brought you some big news on new products from the award-winning and celebrity-adored Augustinus Bader skincare line.

Writer and beauty writer Cheryl Kramer Kaye joined Studio 512 co-host Rosie Newberry to talk about an exciting new launch for the brand.

So, for anyone who may have missed it, give us a little insight into Augustinus Bader.

“Augustinus Bader skin care products entered the market just over three years ago and have been very successful, winning over 60 beauty industry and leading celebrity awards. The range uses clean, sustainably sourced ingredients and has the finest recyclable packaging I’ve ever seen. But the most important thing that contributes to the success of Augustinus Bader is that it works.

And what makes it work so well?

“Well, remember, Augustinus Bader is a professor, physician, and expert in the field of stem cell biology. He has spent over 30 years researching and developing technologies that activate the body’s healing process, this which led him to create the revolutionary technology behind the skin care line. It is called TFC8 or Trigger Factor Complex 8 because it triggers the renewal of your skin. And now Augustinus Bader uses his TFC8 complex in skincare hair, because your scalp is skin. And the hair care collection is designed to restore moisture and shine and prevent breakage to make your hair look healthier while treating your hair follicles, roots and scalp to as your hair grows, it will be healthier.

“I also want to give you a quick overview of some of the ingredients you will find in the collection because in addition to TFC8, these products are loaded with oils and botanical extracts that increase strength, shine and, yes, even. your hair. growth. What you won’t find are sulfates, silicones or even fragrances added in these products, just what your scalp and hair need; and nothing they don’t.

Let us discover the Collection.

“As a science-driven company, Augustinus Bader has performed both user trials and clinical trials for the entire collection, and I’ll share some of that data as we talk about the products. So let’s start with The Shampoo, as we do. It’s really light and volumizing, with clinical tests showing shampoo makes strands 132% thicker. Next is The Conditioner which 100% of users say is both light and detangling – a nearly impossible combination! Then there’s the Leave-In Hair Treatment, which is perfect for controlling and smoothing frizz, and also increasing shine by 330%. There’s hair oil, which adds smoothness, nourishment, and strength to brittle hair, with 90% of users agreeing that the oil fixes their split ends. You can use all the products with the eco-friendly Neem Combs, which also reduce frizz and dandruff, so yes please! I especially like it with the Scalp Treatment, which cleanses blocked hair follicles and strengthens strands at the root, increasing the thickness of the hair shaft by 370% and even increasing the number of hairs by 22%. So you have thicker, thicker and healthier hair.

Where can we find the line?

Award-winning and celebrity-adored skincare brand Augustinus Bader just launched #TheHaircareThatWorks! Clinical tests and user reviews show outstanding results for shine, strength and even growth. Find Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Hair Treatment, Hair Oil, and Scalp Treatment at

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