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Bale broke ‘psychological barrier’ of injury, says Mourinho

The Welsh international has been in excellent form in recent weeks after a slow start at Tottenham

Jose Mourinho praised Gareth Bale for breaking a “psychological barrier” and returning to peak form.

Bale’s return to Tottenham on loan from Real Madrid threatened to be a wet firecracker as he struggled for playing time at the start of his second stint at the club.

However, his influence has grown in recent weeks, with four goals in his last three appearances underlining his heightened importance.

What was said?

After a superb performance in Spurs’ 4-1 win over Crystal Palace on Sunday, Mourinho said Bale was being rewarded for solving his injury issues.

“It’s not that we challenged him or anything,” Mourinho said AS. “We only supported him.

“I found psychological scars in him. When you are a few seasons with many injuries, the important thing is not only the muscle scars, but also the psychological scars, which bring fear and instability.

“There is a time when you work well and everyone around you is supportive of you as much as possible. At that point, the psychological barrier is broken.

“And he did. It was him, not us. “

Bale’s resurgence

There were fears throughout the fall and early winter that Bale would be at the top level.

He was granted fleeting minutes by Mourinho and had little impact when given the opportunity.

However, his fortunes were reversed over the past month. The 31-year-old has six goals to his name in as many games, including doubles against Burnley and Palace.

Mourinho said recently that Bale is now comfortable and confident playing two games a week, but with a bespoke model that often sees it limited to just over an hour of action.

It seems like a schedule that suits the player and the club, and if he can continue to show good form and remain injury-free, he can persuade Spurs to extend his stay.

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