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Bad Blood Reveals New Cover, Gets Comic Book Release

the Deadpool: Bad Blood graphic novel is making a return to comic book stores this spring. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld teamed up with writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers to deliver Deadpool’s first original graphic novel in 2017, and now the action-packed story is making a comeback as a miniseries. serialized comics. New prints available in April will include new cover art from Rob Liefeld, who transformed the Merc With a Mouth from a popular X-Men and Marvel Comics character into a feature film superstar played by headline-grabbing Ryan Reynolds. of two tentpole films with a third in the works from Marvel Studios.

“I don’t know which call was better, the one from 2017 when Marvel told me DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD was the #1 graphic novel of the month or the call from last month when Marvel told me they wanted to break the 100 pages down into a mini-series for an audience that might have missed the first time!” Liefeld said. “Deadpool! Cable! X-Force! Kane and Thumper’s debut! This is my favorite work, a personal work, and I’m so thrilled that we’re releasing it in a brand new format! Get it on hand in April !!!” can exclusively reveal one of the covers of Deadpool: Bad Blood, which shows Wade Wilson holding a gun in one hand and a sword in the other hand. His signature red and black costume also shows some light damage. We also spoke to Liefeld, who provided details on the graphic novel’s single-issue release.

“You know, it was an idea. Marvel approached me with it, and I was super excited. It made sense. It was five years later,” Liefeld said of Marvel’s decision to to go out Bad blood again. “And the icing on the cake is that I was at my retailer yesterday to buy some books and he said he was going to order it as a new issue one of Deadpool because a lot of people couldn’t afford a hardcover in 2017. And that was music to my ears.”

Liefeld also added what he loved about the story: “It’s still my favorite work. I love everything about it. The pacing, the design, the characters, the coloring, the script, it’s really great. And, so I just think, digging it out and breaking it up into singles is exciting. And when they said, “We want to do new covers,” and of course, because the graphic novel was 100 pages in a row. Now it needs page breaks and new entry points. So it will be, each issue will have new pages making it easier for it to be published in a different format.”

Finally, the creator of Deadpool also revealed new details about its sequel, Deadpool: Badder Blood.

Deadpool: Badder Blood if it were to be released as a single, it’s way beyond the two numbers,” he said. It’s been drawn, colored, and finished for two issues worth the work, and is in Marvel’s hands. The idea is to ride Badder Blood on the heels of Bad blood. And even. I dig it. I really like working with guys. I really enjoy working with everyone at Marvel and the Synergy. And when they want to flip the switch, it’s exciting because when you have something you believe in, it’s even more exciting. A guy said to me yesterday “I love how excited you are about everything.” Well, double for that. I’m really excited for this. You and I are old enough to know that in the 90s when Friends and Seinfeld ruled on Thursday nights, they couldn’t have new episodes all the time, could they? And they had a campaign that said, ‘If you haven’t seen it. This is new to you!'”

The description for Deadpool: Bad Blood reads: “Wade Wilson has been shooting, stabbing and teasing people for a long time. He’s made a lot of enemies. But the one he just can’t place is the brutal Thumper, who can’t stop hating. “Show up out of the blue to pound him into jelly. What’s Deadpool’s past connection to that beefy pestle? Wade has as many clues as you! So he decides to enlist the help of an old friend: Domino. Can he and Domino get to the bottom of things before Deadpool meets his maker again?The answers may lie in a secret mission from years ago that brought Deadpool and X-Force together.

Deadpool: Bad Blood #1 goes on sale April 6, with Deadpool: Bad Blood #2 following April 20.

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