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Anti-violence movement’s new book She Is Not Your Rehab distributed to all male prisoners

The anti-violence movement’s new book, She Is Not Your Rehab, is being distributed to all male prisoners.

The founders of the anti-violence movement She Is Not Your Rehab are offering their new book to all male detainees in New Zealand.

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My Fathers Barbers, creator Matt Brown inspired a new generation of men – including many in Pacific communities to break free from the cycle of violence – which led him and his wife, Sarah, to write the book – She ain’t your rehab, showing how men can heal from their trauma.

She's Not Your Drug Rehab - A Man's Journey to Healing in the Global Anti-Violence Movement.

She’s Not Your Drug Rehab – A Man’s Journey to Healing in the Global Anti-Violence Movement.
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At the book’s overnight launch, the couple announced that they had raised enough money to purchase 9,000 copies to give to all the men behind bars in Aotearoa.

“From the start of writing this book, we knew we wanted to make it available and accessible where men needed it most … We wanted it to be accessible to men in prisons across Aotearoa, distributed through court-mandated programs, ”Ms. Brown said.

In this book, Matt tells his own story and that of his clients: how they survived domestic violence and abuse, and how they were able to find healing and change their lives. He introduces the people and concepts that helped him heal, and gives readers the tools they need to begin their own journey.

Hundreds of people from across the country came to support the book launch in Christchurch at the Majestic Church and Community Hub.

Their hope is that Matt’s story of growing up in a hotbed of sexual and domestic violence will give men tools to heal from their trauma the way he did.

Working closely to help Maori and Pacific men, they will also start a prison book club alongside their trusted friend and psychologist.

They also aim to repeat this internationally in order to reach more men in prison globally.

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