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After writing books about Hitler and Sherlock Holmes, the Kashmiri teenager is back with a spy thriller

Srinagar: Did you meet a Kashmiri teenager with a passion for Nazism or the fictional 19th century British detective Sherlock Holmes?

In the current age of the Internet, where reading habits are declining, the young writer Muhammad Hussain Khan is not only interested in Nazism and English literature, but also wrote a book about the German dictator Adolf Hitler and tried to recreate Sherlock Holmes in another collection of short stories.

Hussain, who recently took the Class XII exams, was just 16 when he published his first book ‘Man of the Reich’ which describes how Hitler spent his last days in a bunker during the Berlin War. from 1945. Later he published another book called “Consulting Detective” which he said was a tribute to Sherlock Holmes and now at the age of 19 he is back with a spy thriller “Guerrilla -8XV – Espionage, Black Ops, New World Order”. .

Even though the Kashmir Valley has recently seen a surge of amateur writers eager to get published and tell their stories to the world, Hussain’s choice of subjects has amazed readers.

“I was nine years old when I wrote a comic and later my passion for writing grew when I read ‘The Time Machine’ written by the father of science fiction HG Wells. In the meantime, I developed a lot of interest in history and international relations in addition to fiction. At that time, I didn’t know much about publishing, but an editor once heard my speech about Adolf Hitler at a reception. He encouraged me to write and that’s how I published my first book which describes how Hitler spent his last days in a bunker,” said Hussain, originally from Rambagh district of the city, at the Kashmir Monitor.

He said his second book was a collection of short stories where he attempted to recreate Sherlock Holmes and now his current book had a Kashmir connection as well.

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“People were surprised by the choice of my subjects. My first book wasn’t widely read because I felt people here weren’t interested in Adolf Hitler or Nazism. My second book that I published when I was 17 was a tribute to Sherlock Holmes and it’s a collection of short stories. Now my third book is a spy novel whose story will begin in Tehran, Iran. Although the events will take place in Kashmir, the whole story will revolve around different countries. The protagonist of the story must carry out missions that will pave the way for the new world order. The book is ready for publication by a New Delhi-based publisher,” he said.

“From Moscow to the Royal Opera House in London, the story unfolds in a dramatic tone. The novel provides insight into the gritty world of espionage where a new world order is being set up. The story is action packed with lots of historical references which can be educational,” he added.

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