Having trouble finding ideas? Is your mind going blank?

I’m sure you’ve wondered how anyone can come up with ideas and know exactly what to say while you’re struggling.

Here are 7 ways content marketers can avoid writer block.

These tips will help the creative juices flow.

1. Try a scene change

3 Ways To Cure Boredom While Locked Out

Go for a walk, brew a cup of coffee, or work on some other project for a while.

2. Relax

Thoughts often come when you are not too focused. Think about the task while doing other things.

3. Focus on a specific customer

What would they like to know about your product or service? How would you speak to your customers? It is important to know your target audience and your buyer persona.

4. Go where you can avoid interruptions

Council Room Meeting France

Find a room that has a pleasant yet professional environment.

5. Don’t work on the problem in 10 minutes

Most people need a continuous hour or two to write.

6. Set a deadline and time limit

Work when you are at your best. Decide whether you perform better in the morning or in the evening.

7. If you’re still stuck, talk to a colleague and family about your job.

Family safe

Discussing the issues will help clarify the writing in your mind.

If you’re still stuck, think about the structure of the room. Note the main titles.

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